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While there has been multiple reasonings for why menstrual synchrony, it's actually pretty unlikely that this phenomena exists at all. The research and methodologies used to prove the existence of menstrual synchrony have largely been rejected as flawed and inaccurate.


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I'm not sure, but I think that if you sync one ipod with another, both your ipod and the other ipod will have all memory deleted. AS IN EVERYTHING.

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Press the sync button once on the xbox and then hold down the sync button at the top of the controller until that controller is connected to the xbox.

You sync it on your computer. Then one it's synced, take the ther 8 gig ipod & take the songs already synced on the other one, & sync it on that one. - Haley(:

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There are many ways one can sync a Blackberry with an exchange server. To sync a Blackberry with an exchange server, one must configure it with a desktop manager.

You can use your itunes library to sync it towards as many iPods as you wish however you can only sync each iPod with one library.

There are many places where one can view a video by N Sync. One can view a video by N Sync at popular on the web video sources such as YouTube and Vimeo.

To connect on television to another television one must find a cable that is able to connect to both tvs. ONe can also sync the tvs together if their software supports it.

you can sync. tv shows from one apple device to another apple device after deleting it from iTunes. first of all you will have to delete the tv show from the iTunes then you can get it on your another apple devices.

the same way you sync a non cracked one.

Yes, you can sync some PDAs with two computers.

Cheat it! If you have an Yahoo account, there's a way to link all your contacts from Outlook to Yahoo and then sync with iPhone automatically... Sign up Plaxo for free, install outlook add-in and make it sync with your yahoo account. Once it is done, you now can make iTunes sync straight with your Yahoo! Another solution is to register on Funambol and use the utilities they provide... one of them is to sync with outlook. With Funambol you can update your contact using the iPhone's Safari. If you do not want to install any additional software, follow these instructions, search for "sync iPhone with Yahoo" for info. But if you don't want to sync with the cloud, then another option is third party software like Akruto, which can sync Outlook with iPhone.

It comes with one, but you just have to sync it with your computer and then use Windows Media Player to Sync videos. TO sync them just drag them to the sync thing on the side bar menu. Thanks!

It's often a small swing panel (a panel that is mounted to the side of another or to a wall that can be turned to face different directions). Typically it has a big dial and perhaps some light bulbs that indicate the voltages on either side of a breaker are in sync. The dial will spin slowly if there is any slip frequency between the two sides of the breaker. Usually there is one sync panel in a substation; all breaker sync connections run through this one sync panel, and only one can be turned on at a time.

You can sync your wiimotes to your wii by pressing the red sync button on the wiimote and the wii, one after another. sync button on the wiimote is under the battery flap. sync button on the wii is in the small flap where you find the SD card slot. syncing your wiimotes means you don't have to wait as long to connect to your wii to play, and you can also turn the wii on using the wiimote.

You must have iTunes to do so. Download iTunes, sync the iPod with the music on and plug in the other iPod. Drag and drop the music into the iPod section. If it won't let you, change the iPod settings to not sync automatically.

For security reasons, Apple has made iTunes to set up your iPod to sync with only one computer at a time. So if you sync with one computer, and want to sync with another, you will need to format the iPod before it will work with the other computer, a way to get around that is to use a program called 'media monkey', but you have to make sure the file types is mp3 or m4a. This applies to... PC MAC Linux (Running Wine with iTunes)

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