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Nipples come in all sizes; men's nipples also can range from very small to very large.

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Q: Why do women have big nipples on small breast?
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Why do women have small nipples on big breast?

Genetics. We come in all varieties.

How do women describe their breast?

Women can describe their breast as big, small, sexy, heavy...

Why do some women have big nipples?

Different people have different bodies. Some guys have a big tool and others have small ones. Some women have big nipples and some women have small nipples. Diversity--it's what makes the world go round. If we all looked the same, how boring it would be!

Who are the sexiest between the women with big breast and the women with small breast?

Everyone thinks different about this one. It's down to the individuals preference.

Can Women Have the same looking nipples?

womens nipples are big and pointy.

Why do Thai women have big nipples?

It is not just Thai women who have large nipples you generally find all Asian women have rather large nipples.

Do women wants big breast?

Some women think that big breast are considered sexy and so they would like to though of as sexy women.

Do silver dollar nipples mean you'll breasts will become big?

Not necessarily. Nipple size and breast size are not related. You could have small breasts with large nipples, and vice versa. Every woman is different.

Do all girls have big nipples?

No and there is no relationship between breast and nipple size either

Why and how the bra was inventes?

for fashion. people don't want their nipples showing from their big breast.

Are big breast good for women?

Some women consider big breast to be sexy or they think that other people think that way and they want to be perceived as sexy. Some women enlarge their breast but in many cases too big breast could cause back pain.

Does Melina Perez have breast implants?

no.some women breast are naturally big.

Do guys like small breasts with big nipples?

Most guys do.

Does anyone like large nipples on men?

No one does they want a soft looking nipple but big chest but small nipples

Do guys like big women or small women the most?

Not to big and not to small depends who the guy is

Can people with small breast get breast cancer?

sure. Big breasts, small breasts, there's a same amount of risk to get it.

What do men think of small breasted women?

It all depends on the man. Some men love big breasted woman, while other's like smaller breast women.

Do men prefer a big or small breast?

It depends on the man.

What does the breast look like?

A big circle sometimes small

Do women with big breasts get breast cancer?

Your breast size has nothing to do with how easy you get breast cancer. It can be hereditary also. But in big breasts it might be harder to see on the X-ray.

Why are women breast big?

The size is hereditary and also weight related.

Why do women have small handkerchiefs and big purses while men have small wallets and big handkerchiefs?

Women have more baggage.

How big are breast buds?

They start small and get bigger. You can sorta feelthem.

How big are breast bud?

They start small and get bigger. You can sorta feelthem.

What kind of nipples do guys like?

i prefer to the light side, small (i HATE BIG), and not pointy