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If you define yourself as an 'insecure woman' then honey there are hundreds of weak men that will prey on you. Ask yourself, why am I insecure? fix what you can, accept what you can't change. And know that everyone is probably just as insecure as you. Every woman will benefit with pole-dancing or Martial Arts to get in touch with your body and sexuality. Enough with this 'insecure woman' already, get it while you can and feel the power xx mostly because they feel they cant find or dont deserve better. and believe me there are alot of men out there who cant wait to take advantage of an insecure women, and most men good or bad will only go as far as you let them. The more you put up with the more you are asking for. Work on your self confidence work on you first and you wil find some one who will treat you the right way.

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Q: Why do women who are insecure with themselves often enter into bad relationships?
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This is because their bodies are going through a lot of changes. Due to the hormonal imbalance, there is often confusion.

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Too often, young women are emotionally battered into being insecure in general, because of their bodies, their hair, their clothing -- and being insecure is dangerous for anyone.

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To deal with an insecure wife, you will need to help her to feel secure. Remind her that you love her often and make sure that you do not lie to her about even the smallest thing. You will have to build trust between the two of you.

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Why do young people enter into relationships at such an early age?

Basically, immaturity; they don't fully understand the reasons and effects of relationships, so their judgment is often quite off. They are also undergoing a point in life where their body tells them to get close to someone else - puberty, and animal instinct - so they simply follow its instructions.

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What causes Insecurity in a relationship?

Insecurity is caused by your partner's own indiscretion. Most often they are guilty of doing what they have accused you of or are insecure of. If there is not honesty, trust and communication on both ends, and your beloved is insecure, it is surely the beloved's deceit and guilt that makes him/her insecure. Blame on the other is actually a big sign that the other is up to no good and accusing you of the things they are doing.

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I am not sure that 'most' relationships are destroyed. Whenever they are I suspect communication difficulties and unrealistic expectations are often a relevant issue.

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