Why do you call a building to attention when an officer is leaving?

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It is military protocol to call a room or building to attention when a senior officer enters or leaves. That is, if the highest ranking officer in the room is a 2nd Lieutenant, and a Captain enters, the LT would call the room to attention. If, for instance, the building holds the offices of the commanding General, the building is called to attention when he enters in the morning, and when he leaves at days end. Unless he give specific orders to the contrary, this will not happen again throughout the day, provided one of his superiors does not enter the building (this would never occur unannounced, and the General's Adjutant would likely be the officer to call attention when this happened).

The purpose is tradition, prespect, recognition of the chain of command.
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A word calling for immediate attention?

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When do you call attention on deck for officers?

On deck or outdoors, "Attention on Deck" is generally called by whoever sees the officer first if the assembly of personnel present isn't generally aware of the officers' approach, or if the officer appears suddenly from inside a building, when that officer is within saluting range or near saluting ( Full Answer )

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Who do you call attention on deck for in the navy?

Attention on Deck is called for on the arrival of the Commanding Officer. It is also used for any Flag grade officer, which is Captain or Above. The first person to spot the arrival calls the room to attention..

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Do you call a building to attention fora Medal of Honor winner?

There is no military regulation requiring a call to attention because a person is a Congressional medal of Honor winner. Of course, if the CMH recipient is a commissioned officer on active duty as well, usual officer protocol is expected.

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He can leave because his term expires, because he dies, because he resigns, or because he is removed from office by Congress via an impeachment process specified in the US Constitution.

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Do you call attention for an officer while in a maintenance shop?

You're supposed to, but it really comes down to the unit. Officers and Warrant Officers of that unit - who are prone to going in and out of that shop - will most likely be a bit more lax on that policy, understanding that the enlisted personnel in that shop are going to be in situations where it may ( Full Answer )

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What officer calls attention?

Typically any officer that notices the arrival of a flag officer call attention. In formal occasions, the Executive Officer or the Aide-de-Camp will call attention.

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William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States, passed away one month into his Presidency, dying of pneumonia, having delivered the longest inaugural address in American history.

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Obama's first term will expire on Jan. 20,2013. Since he has now been elected to a second term, he will leave office on Jan. 20, 2017. (Note that he cannot run for a third term, since presidents are restricted by the constitution to serving only two terms.)

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Do you call the building to at ease when a sergeant major enters and there is an officer in the building?

Yes you do. Example would be if you are at your company. including your company commander, lets just say hanging around then all of a sudden the Brigade Sergeant Major pops in for a visit. The first person to see him calls the company to at ease, by loudly saying "At Ease". Any officer out ranks any ( Full Answer )

What officer rank do you call a room to attention in the air force?

When any Warrant or Commissioned officer enters a room, unless there is another officer of the same of higher grade already present. Please note that in certain rooms, such as a dining area or bathroom, rather than "Attention" the proper command would be "At ease". Generally, you call the room ( Full Answer )