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Let out a good cry. This has personally happened to me and the same questions ran through my head: "Will she be mad if i tell her i like the same person?" or "WHAT SHOULD I DO?". The best thing to do is talk to you closest friend other than this one. Then let out a good cry. Then call your best friend and tell her how you feel.

In my situation, my BFF told me she actually didn't like him and said that it was a mistake. WE both let out a good cry while talking, then felt much better after confronting her. If this didn't happen to you, sit down and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's cake batter ice cream. It works.

If your friend does like him, ask why she likes him, how she feels about him, what she sees in him.

i have a crush on a guy and he knows i like him, so i tried to ask him out, but before i could ask, i asked a friend, he said no. i was really embarrassed, my best friend told him, and she told me my cousin told him. i wanted to ask him out but, i was taller, weighed more and am not energetic, i wanted to ask him out but i was scared, i thought he would think I'm fat or ugly. all my friends are pretty, i site next to him in class. my best friend likes him, my friend and i have been close for 6 years, and when i was outside at recess he came near me and we were hanging out in the snow, that is when i asked him out. he said yes!!

if you want to ask him out first of all don't look cool, but don't look gross, and start to walk with your friends and start to walk towards him, and make sure you walk past him and smile and wave at him, give a little flirt, and the when you see him next, talk to him, ask what he is doing some night, if he says he's not doing anything, ask him I'm going to see the movie you always wanted to see want to come? then he'll come (likely) bring his favorite candy and ask if he wants some, its always the way were the give in and it will be a rutine and he'll want to go out with you more. so he'll start to talk to you more, you 2 turn friends more then friends, boyfriend and girlfriend its a good start.

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Q: Why do you cry after you have found out that your crush likes another girl and she is your friend and your friend knows that you like him?
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Should you tell your friend who you have a crush on even if your friend knows who your crush is?

yes! it might not matter if she already knows. but dont let her/him bother you..

What should you do if your friend makes out with your crush and the friend knows you like them?

sit down and talk to your friend about it. let her know how it hurts you that she goes and does that even tho she knows you like him. that is not a true friend.

What happens if you secretly dated your best friend's crush?

If you tell your friend then she would say ( WHAT ) If you don't tell your friend and your date knows that your friend have a crush on him, he might tell your friend that he has a girlfriend already.

Should I give up if my crush likes my friend when he already knows I like him?

Yes, you should give up if your crush likes your friend. You'll eventually have a crush on someone who feels the same

Your crush knows you like him since your friend told him and your crush's friend asks you if you like your crush and he says your crush asked him to ask you does your crush like you?

Okay, I think I followed this; yes, if your crush's friend is asking you if you like your crush. YOUR CRUSH IS DESPERATE! otherwise he/she would probably try to keep cool and find out themself. I think this means your crush likes you.

What does it mean if your crush's friend looks at you a lot but he knows you like his friend?


What do you do when your crush's friend likes you and you found out that your crush and his friend talk about you and you have pitty on your crush's friend and he once told you hey and ran away?

i think you need to talk to your crush about your friends crush who has a crush you on you and your sister knows about your crushes crush who wont tell you who they're like TOTALLY crushing on but they want to but promised your crush they wouldn't tell you who their crush was because their mom wont let her date and her sister is only a year older but she's allowed its SOOO not fair omg like wtf, and my sisters crush doesnt even like her so omg like LAWLZ!

Is your guy friend giving you a chance to talk to your crush if after you tell him who your crush is he tells you to tell him to go on fb when he knows other people whos closer to your crush than you?


Why is your friend talking to your crush and she knows you like him?

Because she wants to make you jealous. And she is into him

What if i like a guy and my best friend dated him but still really likes him and now another friend is dating him and you have a major crush on him but no body knows What should you do?

well this has or is happening to me my advice would be to just wait for your time. Ask the friend if its ok if you date him so there will be no friend problem's.

What do you do when your best friend flirt with your crush?

First of all, make sure that your best friend knows about your crush. Maybe they didn't mean to actually flirt with them. If they did already know, and they did it deliberately, well then you may have a problem. It's a race to see who can get your crush first!

What do you do if your best friend is going out with the guy you like a lot?

If she knows you like him then she's not your friend and you should find a different crush and a new FRIEND! But if she doesn't know tell her and if she doesn't understand or doesn't care then find a new friend and once again a new crush

What should you do if your crush knows that you like him but he's dating your friend?

i think you should ask your friend and she what they say then you should be ok if they say yeah

What to do if your best friend is dating the guy you had a huge crush on for a long time and she knows that you like him?

Let her be with him. Sisters before misters.

Should you just give up when you think your crush likes your friend?

Do not give up. If your friend knows that you like him/her then she/he will turn the person down. But you need to tell your crush that you like her/him. That would make things easier on you.

What if the guy you like had a crush on your best friend--who is not interested at all--and no one knows you like him?

You make yourself available and ask your friend to advertise you to show she is not interested, i guess.

If your guy friend likes you and he knows who you like and he is friends with your crush who is younger and he says your crush doesn't like you is he just saying that to make me mad and go to him?

Most likely

How can you find out if your crush knows you like him?

I asked my friend to ask the guy if he knew that i like him. that worked and we went out forever.

What does it mean if your guy friend who is friends with your crush told you your crush thinks your in love with him?

It means that your crush has seen the obvious outer signs of your affection and has confided in your mutual friend. Your crush basically knows you like him/her, so you should ask them how they feel about you: it will either let you develop a friendship, or you will be able to put aside those feelings knowing they are not shared.

Why do girls keep away from a guy when they found out that he has a crush on her?

because if a girl stay around that guy and she knows he has a crush on her he would probably try to get serious with the girl

If your crush has a crush on your BFF what do you do?

you need to think who is more impotent your bff or this person you have a crush on. I mean he/she (your bff) is the one who you should realy love more (in friend ways) because they are your bff don't let a little crush affect something that means more you'll be sorry if you do! If this crush is worth it and you want to go for it and hurt your friend just remember that you will hurt your friendship or destroy it , and most of all remember how your friend will feel! p.s if she/he knows you have a crush on someone and they start going with them (dating) they are not a very good friend , but do not go say I am not your friend anymore!

What does it mean when your friend knows who your crush likes and wont tell you?

Just means that the friend might have feelings as well for the person and could be teasing you or it means he or she is teasing you to just agitate you.

How do you know if your crush likes you back when she knows you like her?

You can either ask HER, or her best friend :)

What does that mean if a guy who has a crush on you and knows that you like him through your friend doesnt ask you out and its been a year?

well then he's probably shy

How do you get over a guy that doesn't like you especially if he is your friends boyfriend and no one knows about the crush?

Move on to another guy that likes you and start "talking" to him and you will end up forgetting about your "crush" What do you value more: Your friend, their feelings and your friendship, or some crush that the other doesn't know exists nor is interested in, AND would dissolve so fast your head would spin? Trust would be lost for at least you and your friend. Move on, get over it.