Why do you cry after you have found out that your crush likes another girl and she is your friend and your friend knows that you like him?

Let out a good cry. This has personally happened to me and the same questions ran through my head: "Will she be mad if i tell her i like the same person?" or "WHAT SHOULD I DO?". The best thing to do is talk to you closest friend other than this one. Then let out a good cry. Then call your best friend and tell her how you feel.

In my situation, my BFF told me she actually didn't like him and said that it was a mistake. WE both let out a good cry while talking, then felt much better after confronting her. If this didn't happen to you, sit down and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's cake batter ice cream. It works.

If your friend does like him, ask why she likes him, how she feels about him, what she sees in him.

i have a crush on a guy and he knows i like him, so i tried to ask him out, but before i could ask, i asked a friend, he said no. i was really embarrassed, my best friend told him, and she told me my cousin told him. i wanted to ask him out but, i was taller, weighed more and am not energetic, i wanted to ask him out but i was scared, i thought he would think I'm fat or ugly. all my friends are pretty, i site next to him in class. my best friend likes him, my friend and i have been close for 6 years, and when i was outside at recess he came near me and we were hanging out in the snow, that is when i asked him out. he said yes!!

if you want to ask him out first of all don't look cool, but don't look gross, and start to walk with your friends and start to walk towards him, and make sure you walk past him and smile and wave at him, give a little flirt, and the when you see him next, talk to him, ask what he is doing some night, if he says he's not doing anything, ask him I'm going to see the movie you always wanted to see want to come? then he'll come (likely) bring his favorite candy and ask if he wants some, its always the way were the give in and it will be a rutine and he'll want to go out with you more. so he'll start to talk to you more, you 2 turn friends more then friends, boyfriend and girlfriend its a good start.