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It is completely normal to dream about the people you know, and the events in your dreams represent your own thoughts and feelings. Often the people seen in dreams are symbols representing something else. For example, a particular guy could represent guys in general, or your parents might symbolize all types of authority. However, nothing in your dreams provides information about anyone else's thoughts or feelings.

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Q: Why do you dream about people you know?
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What is the dream most people have?

i dint know

What does it mean if you dream about a person you know well?

It is perfectly normal to dream about people you know. It has no supernatural or magical meaning, and it does not mean that the person or people were thinking or dreaming about you.

Do most people dream?

Yes. As far as I know, all people dream, though they may never remember or quickly forget most of their dreams.

What does it mean to shoot people you don't know in a dream?

This dream seems to express an undefined anger, lashing out without control or direction.

What does it mean when your best friend dreams about kissing his best friends girlfriend and she stabs him with a toothpick in his dream?

Well, i dont know why it was a toothpick, people i know dream that with things like daggers or swords but i know what the dream means. They fancy their best friends girlfriend but know they don't have a chance with her.

Can two people dream about each other at the same dream romanticly?

Yes if that other person is thinking about you to and if y'all are really in love. I know I am. :)

Do blind people dream?

Yes blind people dream.

Do the blind people dream?

Yes, blind people dream.

You dream of worms coming out of people you know bodies and then you vomit worms - what does this mean?

you have serious problems

What does it mean to dream about someone who is dead but your dream that person is dead and you know it but other people dont?

If the person in this dream has recently died, the dream might be part of the grieving process. The dream represents the dreamer's difficulty in accepting the reality of the person's death. In the dream, "you" are the intellect, which understands that the person is dead, and "other people" represent the emotions, memories, and other aspects of the Self.

What does it mean when you don't recognize any of the people in your dream?

It only means that your mind is using images of imaginary persons rather that images of people you actually know. There is nothing unusual in this sort of dream.

What does it means when you dream of a guy shaking hand with you?

If it's a guy you know, it means validation of personal connections/openness with people around you. Not necessarily the person in the dream.

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