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maybe you are pregnant. If you have ever been pregnant before and you feel the same then you should have a test to see if you are. if you have never been pregnant before then you don't really know what feeling pregnant is like, so it could be imagination and stress from worrying about it.

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means that's what you would like to happen

Dreams of being pregnant are quite common, particularly among adolescent girls. But anyone, including men, can dream of being pregnant when they are "developing" something that is important. The webpage linked below has examples and discussion of various types of pregnancy dreams.

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Either your brain is trying to send you a message of really being pregnant and you didn't know, or wanting to be pregnant, or if you are having sex you could be dreaming because of fear of getting pregnant.

It's common to dream this when you are ovulating or getting your period. It's due to hormones.

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Dreams do not predict the future, they merely reflect your concerns. Pregnancy is on your mind for some reason, either as something that you desire or something that you fear (or who knows, possibly both).

If the dreamer is a sexually active female, it might be wise to get a pregnancy test. The changing hormones of pregnancy can cause changes in sleep patterns as well as dreams of being pregnant.

> On the other hand, MOST dreams about pregnancy refer to something new and significant developing in the dreamer's life. It might be anything from an idea to a big work assignment to a new relationship. See the link below for further discussion of baby and pregnancy dreams.

That's what you have been thinking about recently.

It's very common to dream about being pregnant when you are having your period or ovulating. It's the hormones doing that.

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Q: Why do you dream that you are pregnant?
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Why did you dream ny husband is pregnant and gave birth?

why did I dream my husband is pregnant

What does it mean if your boyfriend dream your pregnant?

you might be pregnant!

What does it mean if you dream your daughter was pregnant?

To dream about your daughter being pregnant basically means that a parent thinks that the daughter is practicing unprotected sex. In most cases, people dream about what they think.

Is Christina millian pregnant by the dream?

yes the dream is her boyfriend and she has a baby and is soon to get married

What does it mean when you dream of having contractions?

If you are pregnant in real life, the dream represents your body's preparation for approaching delivery. If you are not pregnant, then the dream refers to an important project, idea, or task that you are "laboring" to bring to completion.

What does it mean if a person dreams you pregnant?

Each dream is about the dreamer. In any other person's dream, "you" are an image that represents the dreamer in some way. So if someone dreams that you are pregnant, that dream reflects something about that dreamer, not about you.

What is the meaning of grown twin sons not born yet?

If you are pregnant with twins, the dream is simply a hopeful dream about the future. If you are not pregnant, the dream is about two projects under development, or perhaps a single project with two stages or parts.

What does it mean when a women dream shes pregnant?

To dream that you are pregnant symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. Being pregnant in your dream may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal.

Had a dream your girlfriend was pregnant?

We dream about what we are afraid of. Your dreams aren't predicting the future. They are preparing you just in case.

What does it mean if you dream your best friend is pregnant?

what does it mean when you dream your bestfriend is pregnant?

If you have a dream of giving birth premature then the baby dies what does that mean?

This dream has several different interpretations depending on the situation of the dreamer. If the dreamer is pregnant, then the dream is a frightening but natural dream, probably triggered by changing hormones. Studies have shown that pregnant woman who dream of difficult childbirth actually have -fewer- complications that those who do not have such dreams. ... If, however, the dreamer is not pregnant, then the dream suggests that an idea, project, or task that the dreamer cared about has been canceled or somehow prematurely ended.

What if you dream about a fish?

it means someone in your family may be pregnant