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You get into a car but climb onto a motorcycle.

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It is always ride a motorcycle.......becoz that's the way it is .....v drive car....n ride motorcycle.

anyone can ride a motorcycle, an additional endorsement is required to DRIVE a motorcycle

on sims urbz in the city you can ride a motorcycle after a guy gives you it

No. To ride a motorcycle you need an M-Class license. To drive a car you need a drivers license.

No. Most any passenger car will suffice. Some people drive a motorcycle or even ride a bicycle to get there.

In Texas no child under the age of five is allowed to ride on a motorcycle even in the side car. In order to drive a motorcycle you need to be 15.

if you need a license to ride a motorcycle in Georgia then you will need one to test drive one.

motorcycle insurance = insurance for motorcycle car insurance = insurance for car

No, you cannot, although you can ride dirtbikes/motocross. You must be at least 16 with a motorcycle permit or license to ride on the road.

No, it is illegal to ride a scooter if you have only a car licence. In order to legally ride a scooter or a motorcycle one requires to be licensed specially for this type of transport.

no!!! u need a motorcycle license

no you can not. In Florida you have to have endorsement on license before you can legally ride a motorcycle

There is no such age. You need a license to drive a car a and motorcycle no matter what age you are................................

you don't drive a motorcycle, you ride it ;) If you take the MSF course and pass you only have to be 16, otherwise yo have to be 18.

No, in fact you can't. It lets you buy insurance, and the motorcycle itself, but you cannot, in fact, ride it. It is a rip off, do not buy a vehicle.

To drive a road legal quad in the UK you need to be the same age as you would be to drive a car or ride a motorcycle, a minimum of 17 years of age.

First off, you do not drive a motorcycle. You ride it. If you try to drive it you are going to fall. You use your entire body to steer a motorcycle. I suggest you take a motorcyle course in rider safety.

Most states (perhaps all states) require a separate motorcycle endorsement to ride a motorcycle on the street.

If I take my drivers test with a trike can I drive any motorcycle after that?

No. You need a motorcycle learner endorsement.

Ride? or Drive? Legally, anyone that has a driver's license and takes the additional motorcycle endorsement (test) can drive a motorcycle. Rules about how to get a motorcycle endorsement vary in every state. Riding a motorcycle technically requires permission from your parents until you turn 18. Your parents are legally responsible for all your actions until you turn 18.

No, It is not illegal from someone that does not have a license to ride the motorcycle. If the person without a license was driving the motorcycle then it would be illegal.

You need a motorcycle license to drive a motorcycle (Class M) in Wisconsin. If you are under 18, you need an instruction permit to drive one. There is no minimum age to ride a motorcycle in Wisconsin, but "a child has to ride behind the driver (cannot sit in front of the driver), and has to wear a helmet. The child has to be able to reach the foot pegs - the foot pegs can legally be raised." See the related link for more on motorcycle licenses in Wisconsin.

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