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Why do you get hayfever?

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It is typical to get Hayfever during the spring or summer months. It is an allergic reaction that the body undergoes when the pollen from growing things enters the body. The bodies immune system reacts to the presence of pollen as if it were an infection; that is why a person experiences cold like symptoms during an allergy attack.

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Can you develop hayfever?

Yes you can get hayfever.

Can you treat hayfever with antibiotics?

No - Hayfever is treated with anti-histamines.

Can hayfever lead to a cold?

Hayfever is an allergic reaction. A cold is caused by viruses. Hayfever may produce symptoms like the cold, but it cannot lead to a cold.

Can cats have hayfever?


Can a dog get hayfever?


Do girls get hayfever?

Anyone can have it.

Can dogs have hayfever?

my dog was sneezing and had red eyes so i took him to the vet and was informed he had hayfever and was given eyedrops for him

Does hayfever cause nose bleeds?


Is there a permanent cure for hayfever?

There is currently no permanent cure for Hay fever. Hayfever can however be treated temporarily until the symptoms seem to pass.

Can you die from hayfever?

No you can not, stop being so ridiculous. There are tonnes of life threating diseases like TB, Cancer and Malaria, and you are wondering if you can die from hayfever?

What is a seven letter word for what triggers hayfever?


Does Miley Cyrus have hayfever?

She had it seance 2005 but she lost it.

What are causes of hay fever?

Hayfever is a ragweed allergy.

How can you grow out of hayfever?

I'm not sure I understand the question. If you are asking whether or not you can grow out of hayfever, the answer is yes, you can. In fact, this is common. Unfortunately, if you have hayfever now there is a good chance that you will continue to have allergy issues of some kind and may even start having the hayfever again. If you are asking how it is that people come to grow out of it - that is not well understood. We know that whether someone develops an allergic response to a protein (allergen) or the normal response to ignore it is complicated and depends on a number of factors. We do not know exactly why this changes over time. If you are asking what you can do to help yourself grow out of hayfever - I don't think anyone knows that. It might be an old wives tale but eating a spoon full of local honey during the hayfever season is supposed to be a cure, and it has always worked for me. Uou can also get injections that are supposed to inoculate against hayfever but they are painful and expensive.

Is hayfever worse than diabeties?

Only if you're a horse

Can dogs be allergic to flowers?

Yes, in the sense that they can suffer from hayfever.

A sickness that makes you itch or sneeze?

either an allergy or hayfever

What is the name of the disorder caused by pollen from plants floating in the air?


In Noel Coward's Hay Fever where did the title come from?

He had hayfever when he wrote it.

Have any of the Jonas brothers got hayfever?

I dont think so

Can eating ice-cream cause hayfever?

no definatley not that is a silly question!

Can you take antihistamine with methotrexate?

Can I take Hayfever and allergy tablets whilst on Methotrexate

Can you get hayfever from sun?

No. Only from the pollens given off by many types of plants.

Why hardly any grass grow under the dandelion?

coz dandelions stink. if they people hayfever why can't they give grass it too? i have hayfever and i think that dandelions should be abolished!!! who is with me??? huh huh????? Bob Bing-Merrilie

How do you know if you have a hayfever?

If you are sneezing, have itchy, red, watery or dry eyes, are coughing, have a stuffy nose or an itchy throat, then see a doctor. You may be unfourtunate enogh to have hayfever. If you have asthma or other allergues, or it runs in your family there is an increased chance!

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