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Why do you get sinus headaches when a hurricane is near?

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2007-08-19 21:16:03

For a long time, scientists have denied or ignored the

perception in the general population that weather has a direct

effect upon health and pain. For this reason, little research has

been done and the popular belief that dampness affects arthritic

joints or storms cause migraines has been branded "old wives'


However, there is a certain logic to weather having an effect on

health. In the case of hurricanes, the weather front they push

before them is at an extreme of atmospheric pressure. If the

individual is prone to sinus pain and pressure headaches, the rapid

and extreme change in air pressure is logically likely to cause

these pains to manifest themselves.

That being the case, it is impossible to avoid them when a

hurricane is approaching other than by leaving the area. But in the

case of hurricanes, leaving the area is generally a good idea

anyway, so the problem is self-correcting.

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