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Why do you get sinus headaches when a hurricane is near?

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For a long time, scientists have denied or ignored the perception in the general population that weather has a direct effect upon health and pain. For this reason, little research has been done and the popular belief that dampness affects arthritic joints or storms cause migraines has been branded "old wives' tales".

However, there is a certain logic to weather having an effect on health. In the case of hurricanes, the weather front they push before them is at an extreme of atmospheric pressure. If the individual is prone to sinus pain and pressure headaches, the rapid and extreme change in air pressure is logically likely to cause these pains to manifest themselves.

That being the case, it is impossible to avoid them when a hurricane is approaching other than by leaving the area. But in the case of hurricanes, leaving the area is generally a good idea anyway, so the problem is self-correcting.

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What are the causes of sinus headaches?

Sinus headaches can be saused by a sinus congestion and inflammation, called sinusitis. Sinusitis is caused by either a respiratory infection or allergies.

Where to live if you get headaches?

If your headaches are related to sinus trouble the best place to live is AZ.

Can a sinus headache give you nausea?

Yes, sinus headaches can give you nausea. If you have had sinus headaches in the past without nausea or this headache also has thick green or yellow mucus possibly tinged with red blood coming from your sinuses, you should call your doctor, as it could be a sinus infection.The treatment for sinus headaches/sinus infections can also cause nausea. Your doctor can give you something for the nausea too. So the medications for the sinus problem can get into your system and get you feeling better.

Why do you have headaches?

Sometimes sinus drainage makes your head hurt.

Why do headaches occur?

headaches can occur because of stress,sinus pressure, or just your body worked to much and your exhausted

Does going to the bathroom help sinus headaches?

Yes. Yes yes it does.

Does not drinking water cause headaches?

Yes, dehydration can cause headaches, but headaches can also be caused by sinus pressure, lack of food, and if your prescription is not correct on your glasses.

Can you take Advil cold and sinus with amoxicillin?

Yes u can. My mother had an infection and gets very bad sinus headaches and is taking the amoxicillin with advil cold and sinus.

How do headaches occur?

stress,sinus pressure, exhausten, or just a bad day

What causes headaches on the right hand side of the head running through to the nose?

There can be many causes for headaches on the right side of the head. These headaches can be anything from strain to sinus infections.

What causes sinus headaches?

mucous membranes can swell and prevent your sinuses from draining causing pressure to build up giving you a sinus headache .

What are some treatments for sinus headache relief?

Sinus headaches tend to result in a strong, throbbing pain near the front of the head and are caused by a sinus inflammation. There are numerous treatments for sinus headache relief, such as certain drugs that may be purchased over the counter or antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. These are not meant to cure the headache directly, but are supposed to reduce the inflammation that is causing the headache.

Why do you get headaches before a storm?

PRESSURE (atmospheric) effects the sinus membraneSEE what a plumber has to know

How to relieve sinus headaches?

cold wash clothe, pain reliever, close eyes

Headaches after sinus surgery and septoplasty?

Headaches is one of the post-operative issues that may be experienced by a patient who has undergone sinus surgery and septoplasty. This may last for about 1-2 weeks after surgery. Pain medications are usually prescribed by the surgeon after the operation.

Would you get cramps and headaches if your near your period?

i am not sure about headaches but u will get cramps if ur near ur period

What safety precautions should you take if you were near by a hurricane?

Go somewhere where there you are not near a hurricane.

What are the symptoms of different types of migraines?

There are three main types of migraines: cluster headaches, tension headaches, and sinus headaches. is an excellent website to help you learn more about the different types of headaches and find solutions to the one you may be experiencing.

How do you treat headaches in kids?

Children's Tylenol or children's Advil will treat an occasional headache, it they are okay with those medications. If they are getting regular headaches, they need to be seen by a doctor to find the cause. Headaches can be caused by sinus infections, a bad tooth, anxiety, high blood pressure, or any number of other things. Frequent headaches are often a symptom of something else going on. If it is something simple, like a sinus infection, it can be easily treated so that the headaches stop.

Was there ever a hurricane Olivia?

Yes there was a hurricane Olivia it was fromed near the USA and near Mexico

What right maxillary sinus mucoperiosteal disease is?

This is a disease that has the symptom of chronic inflammation of the sinuses. One of the complications of the disease is poor drainage, which can lead to sinus infections, pressure, and headaches.

What causes tingling in the face along with headaches?

could be something as minor as a sinus infection or as major as a stroke.

Do they still make Sine-Aid for sinus headaches?

Yes, but you have to ask the pharmacist for it, as it is no longer on the shelf.

Can sinuses cause earache and headache?

Yes they can I have really bad sinus problems and I always get earaches and headaches

What are some signs of mold in a house?

Some signs that you might have mold growing in your home are: actually seeing the mold growing near the baseboards or in your bathtub. Also some physical symptoms are frequent sinus infections and headaches.