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Why do you get spots?

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you get spots from either not washing every few days or if you sweat a lot you during the day some people just have them because they have greasy skin THANKS.

thanks you for your answer, i will try and change ;)

look you get spots because god was trying to cover your face as he wasnt happy of his creation(you) maybe if you washed your face you wouldnt have these growths, to me you are revolting that you dont clean yourself enough and you will not get far in the love lift of life if you carry on like this! you will end up having an obese ackney child as a girlfriend that cheats on you with your gardener! so get scrubbing my friend!

I'm sorry, i really want to change and i defntly dont want a cheating girlfriend, but im not bothered if shes obese its personality that counts but i will try and wash my face more offen i really dont want to end up like this, i am quite religious and i realy want god to accept me for who i am. But if she feels this way then i must change! thanks geeliv ;)

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What are the dark spots called on the earth?

what are the spots on earth main or do the earth have spots what are the spots on earth main or do the earth have spots

What is the body covering of ocelots?

spots, spots and many spots

What are cheetah spots called?

Spots, dots or maybe even cheetah spots

What are cooler spots on the sun called?

black spots or sun spots.

Are pandas black with white spots or white with black spots?

Neither, Pandas have Black and White fur. They do not have spots. if they had spots it would be White with Black spots, but they don't.

What if zids have 4 spots zods have 9 spots and there are 48 spots altogether?

best ans 3 zids with 4 spots and 4 zods with 9 spots

Why do you see spots?

if u don't wash your face u will get spots on your face dont pick spots or you will spread your spots

What is an uncommon name for a coloured horse?

, Dr. i. c. spots, spots for short, Dr. i. c. spots, spots for short

Why are the leopards spots important?

The spots are used as camouflage. They are actually not spots; a leopard's spots are called rosettes.I hope this helps!

Do koalas have spots?

No, koalas do not have spots.

Does a wombat have spots?

No. Wombats do not have spots.

Do anacondas have spots?

yes they do not have spots

Do all ladybugs have spots on their back?

no not all of them do it is a birth thing if the mom ro dad have spots the baby has spots same with no spots

do ghost shrimps have red spots on them?

no they have pink spots on them if the spots are red they are highly poisoness

What are the spots called on the Sun?

Sun spots.

Do stinkbugs have spots?

NO stinkbugs dont have spots

Do tigers have spots?

Tigers have stripes, not spots.

Are sunspots actual spots?

yes they are spots

How many spots does an armadillo have?

Armadillos do not have spots.

Do boy lady bugs have spots?

no they do not have spots

Do a key deer have spots on it?

it have white spots on it

Do snow leopards have stripes or spots?


Are giraffes spots identical?

No, there spots are like our fingerprints their spots are all different from each other!!

What is the maximum number of spots a cheetah can have?

Cheetahs do not have a maximum number of spots. The number of spots would depend on the size of the cheetah and how closely packed the spots are.

What are distal spots?

Distal spots are spots of color that appear inside a white marking on the lower leg (such as a sock or stocking). Distal spots are above the fetlock, as opposed to ermine spots, which are below the fetlock.