Why do you get spots?

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you get spots from either not washing every few days or if you sweat a lot you during the day some people just have them because they have greasy skin THANKS.

thanks you for your answer, i will try and change ;)

look you get spots because god was trying to cover your face as he wasnt happy of his creation(you) maybe if you washed your face you wouldnt have these growths, to me you are revolting that you dont clean yourself enough and you will not get far in the love lift of life if you carry on like this! you will end up having an obese ackney child as a girlfriend that cheats on you with your gardener! so get scrubbing my friend!

I'm sorry, i really want to change and i defntly dont want a cheating girlfriend, but im not bothered if shes obese its personality that counts but i will try and wash my face more offen i really dont want to end up like this, i am quite religious and i realy want god to accept me for who i am. But if she feels this way then i must change! thanks geeliv ;)

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βˆ™ 2012-02-27 17:53:03
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Q: Why do you get spots?
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