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It may be a loose baffle inside the muffler or a tin heat shield on a exhaust pipe.

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What is the rattling noise inside a littlest pet shops head?

The rattling noise is in there so you can move the head around.

Whats wrong with your car if it makes a rattling noise when idle?

Depends on where the noise is whats making the noise. Can you be more descriptive of where and what?

Can bad fuel filter cause rattling noise in the engine?


What sound does a broken water pump make?

It will normally start with a leak at the pump. If the impeller breaks you will hear a rattling noise at the pump.It will normally start with a leak at the pump. If the impeller breaks you will hear a rattling noise at the pump.

Why does your 1992 buick lesabre make a loud ticking noise?

there is a rattling noise in the area of the serpentine bell

What causes rattling noise in Hyundai Elantra when accelarating or in idle?

My Hyundai Elantra 2008 GLS with 13,800 miles on it had a vibrating rattle especially when idling but also while driving although not always. I bought the car used. After four months of going crazy with the sound we found that it was coming from where the back seat joins the frame. It is not tightly joined there nor is it cushioned. We stuffed some thin cardboard around it to tighten it. That keeps it from vibrating and rattling.

What causes a rattling noise on acceleration in a 05 volkswagen golf?

no oil

Clicking noise coming from my speakers in a 745 BMW?

the clicking noise is either, a) the motor assembly of the speaker rattling, B)cone rattling, C) its just blown. it will need to be replaced either way.

Your car makes a weird rattling noise from the exhaust what is it?

usually a loose bolt

Tire noise sound of a rattling hub cap?

its your anti brake system

Rattling noise while driving Lincoln ls?

i had a rattling noise in my 2000 ls, was told it was worn tensioners on timing chain. i guess they are made out of a poly carbon and wear after a while. haven't fixed problem yet...

Rattling noise in the blower fan?

when i turn on the ac in my 2000 honda civic it makes a loud noise when the fan is working what could that be ?

Which part of a rattlesnakes body makes the rattle noise?

Im pretty sure that the rattlesnake makes its noise from its tail by ... well rattling it

How to stop the Rattling noise from a catalytic converter?

The heat shield on top of the converter may have broken loose. it can be repaired. If the rattling is inside the converter it must be replaced.

What would cause a rattling noise when putting a car into gear?

bad transfer case

What the symptoms of a bad flex plate in Chevy suburban?

loud rattling noise when idling.

Why is a Chrysler PT cruiser making a rattling noise?

if it's a turbo check the turbo

Why does my car makes rattling noise when first driven and then goes away?

The batter is low

What would make a rattling noise from rear driver side wheel of the car?

your Imagination.... :)

Why would 1998 Mercury Tracer have a rattling noise when turned on?

There is a baby under the hood.

Why does your air conditioner make a rattling noise?

There are a few things that might cause an air conditioner to make a rattling noise. It could be that the there is dirt and debris in the cabinet. If this is the case, cleaning the cabinet should stop the rattling. The reason could also be loose panels on the cabinets. The fan could also be bent and no longer straight.

What is wrong with Mazda Tribute if it makes loud rattling noise when accelerating?

Many different things can cause a rattling noise in a Mazda tribute. Stark by checking the engine belts and all brackets for anything that could be loose and causing a rattle.

What makes noise in Honda CR-V 1997?

My 1997 Honda CRV is making a rattling noise when driving in rough roads

What makes a ratteling noise in a car?

There are a number of causes for a rattling noise that occurs in a car. These include low oil and an engine that is faulty or going out.

What causes a tapping and rattling noise in 1993 Pontiac Bonneville?

The guy in the trunk is still alive!!!