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Dogs produce natural oil to cover their coats to repell water, dust, and dirt. When they are washed not only is the dirty removed, but so is the oil. As their coats dry it produces this oil. Also when the dog is wet their skin is exposed dirt sticks better to wet / damp skin then to dry skin, then the hair will dry over the dirt. This can lead to infection and 'dry rot' of the skin.

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Q: Why do you have to keep your dog inside after it gets a bath?
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What is a flea bath?

A flea bath is a bath that gets rid of any fleas that are on the dog.

What do you do if your dog gets skunked?

give it a tomato bath

How often should you bath your inside dog?

once a month

How do you keep small dog outside?

İf its a baby try to keep it inside and maybe when it gets used to walks and nature take it outside and see how it feels

How often to bath a dog?

Inside or outside dog?.... please ask in a more complete sentence.

How soon after your dog gets a microchip can you give her a bath?

you can bathe your dog 12 - 24 hours after microchipping

How do you keep coyotes from eating your dog?

The best way to keep your dog safe from coyotes is to keep the dog inside, especially at night.

How do you keep your dog from stealing toys from neighbor?

keep them inside or inside a fence or kennel

How often are you supposed to give a dog a bath?

i brush and give my dog a bath 2 times every 2 to 3 weeks because shes dirty so it depends on how dirty the dog gets

How do you stop a possum from biting your dog?

Keep your dog inside the house

How do you keep dogs away from a dog in heat?

Keep the female dog inside or in a kennel until it passes.

What is a sentence with the word bath?

She filled the bath with soapy bubbles.The bird was splashing about in the bath.My dog always gets excited when it is time for her bath.

At what age to give a dog his first bath?

it should be at least old enough to eat dog food and after that you can whenever it gets dirty.

How often should you bathe your labrador retriever?

About once a week if you bath your dog very often your dog looses his oils and that is not good for him. Unless he gets into a mud hole give him a bath once a week.

How do you bathe a dog?

you but warm water in the bath and put your dog in and get dog shampoo and wet the dog and then wash it and then rinse it make sure you keep that towel for the dog to use again

How long can you keep a dog inside?

2 days

Why does your dog make hot laps as soon as they gets inside?

its horny

How do you let your dog from not having pups?

Spay or neuter it, keep it inside, or inside a kennel.

How do you keep your dog from roaming the ne ighborhood?

Keep your dog tied or kept inside and take it for walks for exercise and or to go potty.

How do you keep a dog from producing dander?

Give him a bath periodically. There are wipes available but I am not sure how effective they are.

How many days do you have to give a small dog a bath?

It depends on the type of dog. For an example, if the dog has really long hair, chances are it'll need a bath quite often (there are exceptions) Also if it gets muddy when it goes outside then the answer is obvious.

Why is it hard to give a dog a bath?

It is hard to give a dog a bath because the dog keeps moving and shaking.

Does the majority of dogs in the us live inside or outside?

Well it is about the same. However it depends on your preference. I personally keep my dog inside. However I think that most people do prefer to keep their dog outside.

"Should I let my dog inside"?

You should let your dog inside when it is raining or cold. They can get sick if there are below there temperature average. Bu other than that you can keep them outside

Should you continue bathing your dog while pregnant?

Yes anything you can do to keep her comfortable.If shes used to a bath then please keep doing it.

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