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do you mean HOT water or ANY water ?? and does it do it on cold ??

AnswerJust the hot water. If I turn on the cold faucet, it comes out fine, but if I just turn on the hot, it takes 30-40 seconds for any water to come out at all. I replaced the hot water heater about two years ago without any problems. This problem started about 8 months ago and has gotten worse. I've drained the tank a couple of times and have checked the air pressure relief valve. Still no idea. thanks for the help.

Than that is the time it takes for the water to get from your tank to your tap...if it use to take less time it means the water isn't flowing as fast...have you noticed a drop in hot water pressure or is it equal to the cold....if it is lower, you may want to check the piping on the inlet and outlet of tank to make suer you have dielectric unions....if not you may have some corrossion and build up in your piping....and one other thing it could be but unlikely if it is two years old is the dip tube may have broke off in spots

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Q: Why do you have to wait 30-40 seconds for any water to reach your faucet when you turn on the hot water?
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