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Why do you lose eyelashes?



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*You could be losing eyelashes for many reasons. First, you could be allergic to your eye make-up, or using too much of it, (especially mascara).

* Losing eyelashes is perfectly normal, and everybody loses eyelashes from time to time. Your eye lashes will grow back. If you are losing them in clumps, which it sounds like you are, as you refer to being almost bald in the eyelash area, it may be something that needs a little more attention. The clinical term for the loss of eyelashes is called Madarosis.

ry going without eye make-up for a week or two, and see if the problem gets better or worse - this will help you evaluate if you need to switch make-up lines. Second, is the possibility of unintentional abuse: chronic rubbing of your eyes, consistently curling your lashes, using a make-up remover that is too strong/chemical, using too much force when wiping your eyes while removing make-up. Third, is the possibility that your eyelashes are indicating a larger problem, such as an eye infection or even hyperthyroidism. A fourth possible cause, is allergies - any type of allergy could bother your eyes, causing the lashes to drop. So, it's best to consult a doctor who can help you find a solution, or refer you to a specialist for treatment.