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== == Earth happens to have two North poles, but it is not necessary. * The geographic north pole is one of the two places where the axis of rotation meets the surface. All planets and stars have one geographic north pole and one geographic south pole.

* The north magnetic pole is the point where the magnetic field points directly down, and the south magnetic pole is the point where the magnetic field points directly up. Earth happens to have one magnetic north pole and one magnetic south pole at the moment. Mars doesn't have any magnetic poles. Our sun often has dozens of magnetic north and magnetic south poles in or near its sunspots.

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Q: Why do you need two North Poles?
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How will you magnetize two north poles?

with two poles

When the north poles of two magnets are placed together the poles?

When the north poles of two magnets are placed together, they will repel each other.

Do magnets have a north pole and a south pole?

Yes, all magnets have an equal number of north poles and south poles. If they have one north pole they have one south pole, if they have two north poles they have two south poles, etc.

A magnet has how many poles?

A magnet has two poles which are known as north and south poles.

How do you determine north or south poles?

when two different poles meet, they attract,like north an south poles, they would attract. Whereas two north poles being too close ,would also would two south poles...they would repell.

How many poles does a electromagnet have?

An electromagnet has two poles; north and south.

What force is there between - two north poles attractive force repulsive force or no force?

Two magnetic north poles (or two magnetic south poles) repel one another.

What two poles do magnets have?

Magnets have two poles, these poles are called the North pole and the South pole. The North pole is the side of the magnet that points to the Earth's North pole when freely suspended.

Are there two north poles?

No, there is True North, and there is Magnetic North. But these are different.

What poles of a magnet attract?

The two poles that attract are the north whit north or south whit south

How many magnetic poles does the earth have?

Two, The North and South Magnetic Poles.

What are the two main properties of magnets?

Magnets have two poles north and south. Like poles repel and unlike poles attract.

What is something that has two poles called?

Something that has two poles is called bipolar. These poles in a magnet are called north seeking poles or south seeking poles depending on their direction.

Which poles an a magnet repel?

Unlike poles Attract. Like poles Repel. So, Two North poles will repel each other and so will two South poles.

What are the two magnetic poles of magnet?

The two poles of a magnet are called "north pole" and "south pole".

Which of the two poles is located on a ocean?

The North. There is no land at the North pole.

How many degrees separate north and south poles?

180° separate the two poles.

What is the number of poles in ring magnet?

All magnets have two poles - north and south.

What are two poles of a magnet?

They are called north and south.

The two ends of a magnet?

North and south poles.

What are the names of two poles on a magnet?

north and south

Are there 3 North Poles?

No, there are two - the true North Pole and the magnetic North Pole.

How do you make a magnet with two south poles or north poles?

It is not possible to create a magnet with two south poles or two north poles. Both the poles always exist along with each other. Force 2 magnets together end to end with the south poles together. You will get a north pole at each end and a big south pole in the middle. This arrangement is called a quadrupole.

How many poles of a bar magnet are there and where are these poles located?

Answer. Two properties of a magnet are: (i) A magnet always has two poles: north pole and south pole.

Why does the earth need the north and south poles?

Without them we would all be frozen because the north and south are like magnetic poles