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Why do you plants seeds?


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you plant seeds so they grow into flowers which makes your garden pretty

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Plants use seeds as their method of reproduction.

Plants have seeds so there will be more plants.

fruits have the seeds inside them and when the seeds spread the seeds grow in to plants.

The primary purpose of seeds is procreation (plants grow from the seeds they produce).

No, male marijuana plants do not have seeds. They can only provide pollen to the female plants who in turn can produce seeds. These seeds can both grow into male or female plants.

Almost all flowering plants have seeds.

plants split their seeds to prevent overcrowding.

why are seeds important to flowering plants

two types of vascular tissue plants are: plants without seeds and plants with seeds.

names of plants which do grow from seeds?

is it true that all plants make seeds

all plants that reproduce with seeds

No, there are Gymnospermous plants which bear seeds with out fruits

Because you know how your a baby and you need to grow up that's kinda how seeds are to plants seeds are the baby versions of plants

seeds can reproduce plants

seeds are what is given of by plants so that they can grow again so seed plants are plants grown by seeds. the reason we say seed plants is that some plants are grown by roots and other stuff

Nonvascular plants do not have seeds. They reproduce sexually and asexually and are the simplest type of plants on land.

Seeds are larger, seeds come from flowering plants, spores come from non flowering plants

No , only seed plants produce seeds .

do rice plants produce flowers and seeds

seeds that produce fake plants; seeds that are fake

cacti are flowering plants and produce seeds

Not all plants do actually. Most Vascular Plants ( plants with tubes ) have seeds. Some plants have spores instead of seeds.

Pteridophytic plants among vascular and all other non-vascular plants do not have seeds.

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