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In medieval times convicted criminals would sometimes have their convictions marked on the palm side of their hand (on the fat part of the thumb) with a letter to designate their criminal history.

Therefore, when raising the right hand to be sworn, their criminal history would be there for everyone to see.

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Which hand do you place on Bible when swearing on Bible?

You place your right hand on the Bible.

What hand do you raise when being sworn in when in court?

You raise your right hand.

What does raise your right hand mean in spanish?

Levante la mano derecha. (You raise the right hand)

Imagine you are standing in front of a mirror facing it Raise your left hand Raise your right hand Look at your reflection When you raise your left hand your reflection raises what appears to be?

Obviously, the reflected image seems to be raising her right hand.

When you raise your left hand while in front of a mirror what hand does your image raise?

It will appear that the image raises his right hand.

Why raise left hand when swearing on bible?

Google "left-handed-oath". There is a saying that when you swear with you left hand you do not intend to keep the oath. The left hand is considered 'unclean'- before toilet paper people wiped with their left hand. Therefore, when eating, or shaking someone's hand, you always used your right hand.

Which hand do you put on the Bible to be sworn in?

You put your left hand on the Bible and you raise your right hand.

Why do 'you' use your right hand to swear?

because most of the people in the world are right handedAnswer:... and because of this... it's the right hand with which most people work and accomplish their works. A man's works, being the measure and reputation by which people know him. The symbolism in swearing with the right hand is that the one doing the swearing vows to dedicate all his efforts to accomplishing said vow.

Did Kennedy place his hand on the bible for his swearing in?

Although there was a Bible present, he did not place his left hand on it for some reason, perhaps religious. His right hand was raised, however.

What does Levanten la mano derecha?

Raise your right hand

Imagine you are standing in front of a mirror facing it Raise your left hand Raise your right hand Look at your reflection When you raise your left hand your reflection raises what appears to be his r?

Of course it does. You are looking at a REVERSE image.

What does levanten la mano derecha mean?

Raise your right hand

How does an eastern woodland Indian greet people?

they raise their right hand and say ''how''

Who salutes with their left hand raised while placing the right hand on their heart?

A salute that includes covering the heart with the right hand while raising the left hand is not a salute at all. This is a motion for a vow. When swearing truth, or receiving a military honor by means of a promise, this motion is used.

What vegetable did an ancient Egyptian place his right hand when taking oath?

On what vegetable did an ancient Egyptian place his right hand when taking an oath? The Onion. It's round shape symbolized eternity.

How much nudity and swearing is in the new game Mafia 2?

There is no Nudity, except the Playboy magazines. Swearing on the other hand, quite a lot. I have heard many gangsters and NPCs swearing.

Do you swear with left hand on Bible to control devil?

Since oaths are sworn with the raised right hand, the left hand is the only one left to place on the Bible, thus swearing or affirming on the Bible. I think it is not so much significance of the left hand, but that the right hand is always raised for the oath - so the left is the only one left!

What does leve la main mean in English?

"Raise your hand""french for "raise your hand"

Why does Keith lemon wear a bandage on his right hand? watch contains a bit of swearing :L

How do you make a thinking face?

You put your right hand on your chin and raise your eyebrow, the classy way atleast...

How do you handraise an old cockatiel?

hand raise means you have it from a baby and raise it your self so you can't hand raise a old bird

Do you still swear on the Bible when taking oath in court?

No. Physically placing ones hand on a Bible and swearing an oath is not required nor was it ever legally enforceable. The court gives those giving testimony the option of "swearing an oath" or making an affirmation to tell the truth as to the best of their knowledge.

What Levanta la mano?

levanta la mano literally means "raise the hand," or raise your hand

How do you say how are you in Vietnamese?

We used to just raise our right hand upon greeting, they'd do the same. "Khoe khong?"

Do you swear with the left hand or right hand?

Supposedly the right but if you notice on Obamas swearing in he used his left hand, thus making this topic questionable. ------------------------------------ Seriously? Have you never served on jury duty or watched an episode of Law & Order? A Few Good Men? Matlock? Ironside? Any other courtroom drama? The swearing of a witness starts with, "Raise your right hand and repeat after me." Customarily, the left hand (being slightly closer to your heart) is placed on the Bible in English-speaking countries; I'm not sure what they use in other places. You won't get very far trying to use the Oath of Office to cast aspersions on the legitimacy of any American president. Besides being officiated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, every modern inauguration has been televised and/or photographed ad infinitum, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to Google an inauguration picture of each one, including Barrack Obama, with his right hand up and his left on a Bible. Just like Perry Mason . . . but in color.

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