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Q: Why do you think bob woodward decided to follow his instincts after he attended the arraignment of the Watergate burglars?
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What did the trial and sentencing of the Watergate burglars lead to?

The sentencing of the Watergate burglars led to Gerald Ford's pardon of President Nixon.

Judge who sentenced the Watergate burglars?

John J. Sirica.

Burglars broke into the Watergate complex intending to?

The Watergate burglars were caught attempting to place listening devices or "bugs" in the offices of the Democratic National Committee located in the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. The burglary was instigated by the Republican Party to gain an advantage in the upcoming elections.

When they were arrested the burglars at the Watergate apartment complex were breaking into?

the 5 men were wiretaps

How much money did the Watergate burglars have when they were arrested?

They Had TenMillion Dollars When They Got Arrested After The Investagation

What judge for the Watergate trial gave the burglars harsh sentences?

the answer to your question would be, judge Sirica

What did the Watergate burglars want?

They wanted to find evidence that the democrats had that Nixon was involved in the Kennedy Assassination

Who was the judge who sentenced the watergate bulgars?

District Judge John j. Sirica (March 19, 1904 – August 14, 1992 ) tried and sentenced the Watergate burglars.

Who presided over the trial of the Watergate burglars and made it clear that he believed that the men had not acted alone?

John Sirica

Who was the Watergate burglar?

The Watergate burglars were Bernard L. Baker, James W. McCord, Birgillo R. Gonzales, Euqenio Martinez, and Frank Sturgis. James McCord was a former member of the CIA.

Did Richard Nixon know about the Watergate burglary ahead of time?

I think not. It is difficult to know for sure. He knew fairly soon after the burglars were arrested, I think.

Did the 5 burglars of the Watergate scandal get in trouble?

Because they took in act of getting rid of all bad evidence on former 37th president Richard Milhous Nixon