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For strong teeth and bones- they need calcium.

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Q: Why do you think nutrition experts recommend that young people eat foods high in calcium?
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Why do doctors advise elderly people to have calcium tablets?


Why is calcium added to white flour by law?

Calcium is added to white flour by law to replace the nutrients lost during the refining process. This enrichment process helps prevent nutrient deficiencies in the population, particularly in regard to calcium intake, which is important for bone health.

How do you get potassium nitrate out of a mixture with calcium carbonate?

calcium carbonate+ nitric acid. a strong acid would replace a weaker acid in most ionic compounds, so you would produce calcium nitrate and carbon dioxide. well, being that nitric acid is widely UNAVAILABLE to most people, it is easy to find potassium or sodium nitrate. if you are going specifically for calcium nitrate you can double displace calcium carbonate with potassium or sodium nitrate resulting in potassium or sodium carbonate and (aq) calcium nitrate. the potassium or sodium carbonate will probably precipitate out much quicker than the nitrate depending on how exact your equation for displacement is. and you should be left with (aq) calcium nitrate. boil off the water and preferably recrystallize for purity. if youre using calcium carbonate just to get any form of nitrate, i recommend simply buying potassium nitrate. if it is not assessable in your area and are trying to get an oxidizer ( i assume thats why you are trying to make a nitrate) i recommend going with a chlorate or perchlorate, these are easier to make at home through electrolysis.

Do antacids have calcium hydroxide in them?

No, antacids typically contain calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, or sodium bicarbonate as active ingredients, not calcium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide is more commonly found in dental products or in construction materials.

Why do older people need a lot of calcium?

Older people need more calcium to help maintain bone strength and prevent osteoporosis, a condition where bones become weak and brittle. As we age, bone density decreases, making older adults more susceptible to fractures. Calcium is essential for bone health, especially in older individuals to reduce the risk of fractures and maintain overall bone density.

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Is Amlodipine tablets sutiable for black people?

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What age do you lose your teeth?

Varies from person to person. Some people never lose their teeth. This has to do with nutrition intake of the person throughout their life - especially Calcium. Varies from person to person. Some people never lose their teeth. This has to do with nutrition intake of the person throughout their life - especially Calcium.

What nutrition is important for people with or at risk for osteoporosis? Here is a great site about foods to eat to help osteoporosis. The better question is foods that you should eat, which includes high calcium foods.

Why do doctors recommend people over 45 years of age to drink milk and eat more foods that contain calcium?

To strenthen their bones

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What Can Be Done with Careers in Nutrition?

If you're considering finding something to do among all of the careers in nutrition, you may be wondering what it's like to even work in the field of nutrition. Generally, a nutritionist or someone who works with nutrition is responsible helping people make better decisions with their eating habits so that they can improve their overall physical (as well as mental) health. Typically, a patient will come to the nutritionist needing help with using food to alter health. The nutritionist might recommend a particular diet or certain types of foods that must be eaten. If you're a person that enjoys nutrition and helping people, careers in nutrition are the perfect paths for you.

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