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There are so many reasons that cause Punjab to have a high population in the country. This is mainly due to fertility of the soil and availability of water among other resources.


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Punjab International Public High School was created in 1994.

Centre for High Energy Physics - University of the Punjab - was created in 1982.

high population helps to provide labour in the coutry it also helps in the defence force the coutry .

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Centre for High Energy Physics - University of the Punjab -'s motto is 'Hard work is the key to success'.

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Iran ... the average of graduated people in their country is high comparing to their whole population ... i think the mayor of LA once announced that the most graduated immigrants to USA are iranians.

Merits: High population can also be helpful. We can take it in a positive way. More population means more people to think or precisely more minds to think which will lead to faster technological advancements in the country. Also, Malthus (an economist ) in 1800's said that food supply was much less than population and that we cannot sustain it. The population at his time was 980 million which is now the population of china alone. yet, the Chinese are doing great. Also, food supply can be met with the help of HYV seeds (High Yielding Variety seeds). Hence, high population can also be beneficial.

Japan is an MEDC because of its high population and outstanding technology!

population is the mos danger think now a days its going on very high

Monaco and does any body go to GCA?

population of a country determines the per capita income of a country. so the higher the population the lower the per capita income and vice versa. also when the population of a country is high the pressure on the land as in too many people on a particular piece of land. it also contributes to neatness of a country.

I think that the answer to this question is poop :)

Most people in Singapore including myself would not consider the country underpopulated. In fact, some people think that it is actually overpopulated, and were very angry when the government projected that the population of Singapore in 2030 could be as high as 6.9 million. For me, I think that the current population is just nice.

How do you think Mexico City's High population density affects the lives of people living there.

I think it depends on what country you are talking about. I the UK there was high school.

SPICY!!!! Punjab is all for whole foods and preparation on high temperatures. their food is rich in vegetables and meat. fish and corn are not the high point on any typical Punjabi meal.

Nigeria is a less developed country because these a high population rate and the GDP is very low

In Pakistan,its Pakistan bar council of supreme court,Punjab bar council of the high courts and district courts of Punjab.

The first chief justice of Punjab and Haryana high court Chandigarh was Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ram Lall whose service duration was from 15.8.1947 to 18.1.1949.

In short, I think urban areas have a high temparature due to pollution and high population density.

Even though the death rate is high, the population can increase. This is possible if the birth rate and/or immigration rate is higher than the death rate.

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