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Jumpers and switches have to be mechanically set and CMOS ssetup does not.

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Why do you think the trend is to store configuration information on a motherboard in CMOS RAM rather than by using jumper or switches?

when troubleshooting a motherboard you discover the network port no longer work. what is the best and least expensive solution to this problem. If this don't work what is next

How do you know if your motherboard jumper is on or off?

it should be connected in the right configuration (see your power supply booklet or motherboard one) and the computer wont start anyway.

A jumperless motherboard is likely to have one jumper Which jumper is it?

A bios or cmos jumper

What is the function of the jumper on the motherboard?

Jumpers can do a lot of things, some motherboards have many of them. Basically they are a manual switches, that can be closed by shorting them with a jumper cap. Some examples are, jumpers that set the CPU speed, or reset the BIOS memory.

Changing or 'shorting' a jumper on the motherboard to reset the bios what is a 'jumper'?

A jumper is a small metal and plastic device used to complete circuits on the motherboard by 'shorting' pins. The BIOS reset jumper is one example.

How does the jumper determine the speed of the mother board?

Different jumper settings on a motherboard connect different circuits and processes. Check the motherboard documentation to see which jumper setting is correct for your application. Use caution, because incorrect jumper settings may harm the motherboard.

Which jumper does a jumper less motherboard have?

Obviously, it doesn't have any, with the possible exception of a BIOS recovery / config jumper.

What if a motherboard was jumperless likely to have one jumper which one would it be?

I guess, it would be reset CMOS jumper.

What are the songs in the film Jumper?

lay down the law - the switches tick tick boom- the switches look after you - the fray

How sli work?

Connect the cards to the motherboard and use the jumper which came with the motherboard to connect the 2 cards together ,and there you go!

How does motherboard recognize and configure the CPU?

When the BIOS Setup configuration jumper is set to configure mode and the computer is powered-up, the BIOS compares the CPU version and the microcode version in the BIOS and reports if the two match.

What are the functions of Motherboard?

jumper that set the cpu speed or reset the BIOS memory

What are the jumper settings for P4XVASD2 plus motherboard?

There is nothing found specifically for the jumper settings for the P4XVASD2 plus motherboard. It is suggested the manufacturer\'s manual be checked. The average motherboard jumper settings, for the Top 3, is Google PR 8,00, Yandex CY 35.020, External BackLinks is 666.051.634, Referring Domains 1.555.918, Google Indexed 31.294.633 and the edu Backlinks is 5.804.

Which computer motherboard is the easiest to configure?

Nowadays they're pretty much all the same, with essentially zero "configuration" required. Ten years ago, you might have had to set a jumper or two, so it wasn't like they were "difficult" to configure even then.

What are the common jumper settings for a hard drive configuration?

Primary master and secondary master

What is the purpose of a jumper?

A jumper is used to complete a circuit on a motherboard or other device and thus signal a certain mode of operation, such as "the BIOS should be in recovery mode" or "this hard drive is the Master device."

How can you erase a password from a toshiba 460cdts bios?

Try clearing the CMOS. There's a jumper on the motherboard near the bottom typically. It'll be a two pin jumper plugged into two of three pins. Switch the jumper and leave it for ~15seconds, then place it back in the original spot. The BIOS should now be cleared. If not, find the battery on the motherboard and pull it out. Wait ~15 seconds, then place it back in.

What are jumpers on a motherboard?

A jumper, depicted above, is a connector that connects between two pins on a motherboard. They are made of plastic and contain a piece of metal to carry electricity. Their purpose is to configure the motherboard or to bypass something. On older systems, jumpers were used to set the CPU and bus speed.

How do you find password on windows xp when you get just a blue screen asking for password?

sounds like someone set a BIOS password. Only thing you can do is pull the BIOS jumper or disconnect motherboard power, including the small battery on the motherboard. Or, you can find the small blue jumper, it says CMOS next to it somewhere. pull it out, restart the computer, shut it down, and put the jumper back on. Phil Owner: The Pronghorn Axiom: Self Evident. Necessary

How do you slave a hard drive to work on another hard drive?

Most of hard drive have jumper settings. While jumper configuration is not required for SATA, it's necessary for EIDE, SCSI etc. Jumpers can be found next to to the power and data ports on the hard drive. Most manufactures will print next to each 2 contacts the configuration supported (Slace, Master etc). Please refer to "Sources and related links" below to find more information.

What determines if an IDE hard drive will act as a marter or slave im a particular configuration?

Arrangement of Jumper pins on Hard Drive

Where can you buy a new cmos jumper cover from?

You will most probably need to call your computer's manufacturer or in the case you built your own system, your motherboard manufacturer.

My booting password forgot how to open?

If it's a desktop computer and you forgot the BIOS power-on password, you can reset the BIOS by closing the "cmos reset" jumper on the motherboard.

What are Hard Drive Configuration?

Hard Drive configuration is used to define the Slave and master Hard Drive. When we are attaching more than one hard drive the configuration is used. Configuration is done by jumper setting which is available in back side of hard drive...1st two pins for master hard drive and last pins are slave..

Whenever you shutdown the computer your CMOS setting failed you checked your battery its OK your motherboard asus p5w dh deluxe?

First, if you haven't yet, replace the battery. I know it checks out OK, but for around $2, why not? If that doesn't help, check the motherboard to see if the reset CMOS jumper has been put on correctly. It is a 3 pin jumper, with one set being reset, and the other set being normal. Check your manual for the location of the jumper, and the correct jumper setting. As a next to last resort, try loading the factory default CMOS settings and restarting. If it still errors out, check with ASUS (

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