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Somebody once told me they suspected it was because letters for most other physical quantities had been taken . . .

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What is the strength of the magnetic field of a magnet?

The strength of the magnetic field of a magnet varies between magnets. A magnetic field is composed of field lines called magnetic flux lines. The strength of the magnetic field is called flux density and is denoted by the letter 'B'. It is defined as the the magnetic flux passing through a unit of area normal to the field.

What is B in physics?

Magnetic Field

If the strength of the magnetic field at B is 6 units the strength of the magnetic field at A is?

3 units

Why you use symbol B for Magnetic field instead of M?

The only thing I can think is that M is already use as a symbol letter for Motors. ANSWER: IT SIGNIFY MAGNETICS HYSTERESIS THE FOUR QUADRANTS

If a magnetic dipole is placed in a magnetic field the dipole is found to have both rotational and translational motion.what would you infer about the magnetic field?

Dipole not aligned with B field = rotational motion B field not constant along field direction = translational motion

What is the causes of electromagnetic induction?

Change in magnetic flux.iechange in magnetic field (B).change in the area vector/ area of magnetic field under the closed circuit (A).The angle between area vector and magnetic field .......xomagnetic flux = cosxo . A . B

Can a dc electric field produce magnetic field?

Yes. A steady current will produce a magnetic field, B= uI/r

What is meant by tangent law in physics?

when a magnetic substance in placed i two uniform magnetic field (b) and (h) which are mutually perpendicular and coplanar to each other. then the magnetic field intensity of magnetic field of b which making angle θ with h is tanθtimes of h.mathamatically B=tanθxH.

Why is B the symbol for magnetic induction?

When the magnetic field is observed from the North pole, the magnetic field emerges and and goes towards south. However, inside a magnet there is no field at all, thus forming butterfly shape lines. Hence, B stands for butterfly and due to this concept, scientists used the symbol B for magnetic induction.

What Describes the Attraction or Repulsion Caused by Magnets?

A. magnetic domain B. magnetic force C. magnetic field

What is the strength of the magnetic field?

The strength of the magnetic field is B = E/c in Tesla (Weber/m2=Volt sec/m2)

How do you measure power of an electromagnet?

The electric power is measured the same as in any other electric circuit, in watts. You calculate this by multiplying the current (in amps) by the potential difference (in volts) across the circuit. So: P = I V If you meant how do we measure the strength of the magnetic field generated, there are two different vector fields that may be called "magnetic field". These are the H-field and the B-field. The H-field may also be called the "magnetic field intensity", the "magnetic field strength", the "auxiliary magnetic field" or the "magnetising field". It is measured in amps per metre. The B-field may also be called the "magnetic flux density", the "magnetic induction", or the "magnetic field". It is measured in teslas.

Relation between mass and magnetic field?

Relation between mass and magnetic fieldm=Bq/wwhere m=massB=magnitude of magnetic fieldq=chargew=angular velocity

What is the relationship between the magnetic force and the magnetic field?

The magnetic force is the product of a magnetic foield and a magnetic "charge";F=(qv)B= q(vB )= qE.

Difference between magnetic field and magnetic field lines?

A magnetic field is the area surrounding a magnet in which the effects of that magnet may be observed.A magnetic field is represented by imaginary lines of force which we call magnetic flux (symbol the Greek letter, 'phi'). Flux is measured in units called webers (pronounced 'vay-bers'). Its intensity is called magnetic flux density (B), defined as the flux per unit area, measured in webers per square metre, given the special name tesla.

What type of field is present near a moving electric charge?

A magnetic field B=uI/r.

How magnetic field strength related to magnetic force?

Magnetic force is related to magnetic field strength B via the charge velocity: F= qvB = q(-v.B + vxB) = qvB(-cos(V) + isin(V)).

How do you calculate the magnetic field strength in an injector cyclotron?

- Magnetic field strength is the intensity of a magnetic field at a given location. Historically, a distinction is made between magnetic field strength H, measured in ampere/meter, and magnetic flux density B, measured in tesla. Magnetic field strength is defined as the mechanical force (newton) on a wire of unit length (m) with unit electric current(A). The unit of the magnetic field, therefore, is newton/ (ampere x meter), which is called tesla. The magnetic field may be visualized by magnetic field lines. The field strength then corresponds to the density of the field lines. The total number of magnetic field lines penetrating an area is called magnetic flux. The unit of the magnetic flux is tesla x m2 = weber. The older units for the magnetic flux, maxwell = 10-8 weber, and for the magnetic flux density, gauss = maxwell / cm2 = 10-4 tesla, are not to be used any more. Magnetic flux density diminishes with increasing distance from a straight current-carrying wire or a straight line connecting a pair of magnetic poles around which the magnetic field is stable. At a given location in the vicinity of a current-carrying wire, the magnetic flux density is directly proportional to the current in amperes. If a ferromagnetic object such as a piece of iron is brought into a magnetic field, the "magnetic force" exerted on that object is directly proportional to the gradient of the magnetic field strength where the object is located. ------------------------------------------------------------------- B=μH Magnetic field in Solenoid B=μnI where n is turns/m So H=nI --------------------------------------------

What would happen if field lines crossed?

Then, at some point, the field would go into two directions simultaneously, which doesn't make much sense. The magnetic field lines form continuous closed loops.The tangent to the field line at a point represent the direction of the net magnetic field B,at that point.The magnetic field lines do not intersect,if they did, the direction of the magnetic field would not be unique at the point of intersection.

What is the magnetic flux through the loop of a square wire loop 4Cm on a side which is perpendicular to the magnetic field 0.025Tesla?

Assuming a constant magnetic field, the flux is B*A*cos θ.In this case, the flux is 0.00004 webers.

Why hall voltage increases with increase in magnetic field?

Since eEH= e(V X B) As magnetic field increases the lorentz force acting on the carriers increases which in turn increases the hall field associated with the carriers and hence hall voltage increases as magnetic field is increased.

What is the potential energy of a point magnetic dipole of moment M placed in a uniform magnetic field B?

lU=-mB Metal

What has the author R B Goldfarb written?

R. B. Goldfarb has written: 'Alternating-field susceptometry and magnetic susceptibility of superconductors' -- subject(s): Magnetic susceptibility, Superconductors

The magnetic field B inside a long solenoid is independent of?

the cross sectional area

When do charged particles accelerate in a magnetic field?

A charged particle is accelerated in magnetic field if it has a velocity. F = Q v x B, where v x B is cross-product of speed and magnetic flux vectors. According to Newton F = ma where you can find the acceleration if you know the mass.