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Many people answer this question based on the salary bankers receive. However, you can also express your interest in career advancement in order to ace this question.

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Q: Why do you want to be a banker?
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Why do you want a banker position?

WikiAnswers cannot read your mind to see why you want to be a banker. You will have to decide for yourself what your reasons are and answer the question honestly.

What did Paul Cezanne's father want to do?

He was a banker.

Did Georges Seurat want to be a banker?

No, he did not. He studied to be an artist.

Why are you doing bba?

it's because i want to be the successful banker.

What will you have to do if you want to became investment banker after doing hons?

Get a job with a bank

Why banker-customer relationship is consider so important?

Because you want to be able to trust the banker, because they are taking care of your money by the way... Bankers want to be able to trust the customer with responsibilities with the money because, they DO care.

How to Pick an Investment Banker?

Before even vetting investment bankers, an investor must determine what kind of investment banker that he or she would be. The point of this exercise is to pick someone who has your same personality when it comes to investing. You will understand this person more and be much more interested in his or her strategy. For instance, if you have a high risk profile, then you want a high risk banker. If you like dealing in small cap stocks, then you want an investment banker that specializes in small cap stocks. Pick the investment banker that you would be if you had the time.

What does a banker need to now to be a banker?

To be a bankers a banker needs a counting degree.

What is the difference between the banker and its customer?

the banker is the banker while the customer is the customer

What things do you do that involes algebra 2?

Being a cashier, a banker, if you want to buy stuff

What kind of education do do you need to become a banker?

what kind of school does a banker need to be a banker what school do you need to go to to become a banker

Who would be the best person to go for mortgage advice--a banker or a lawyer?

For mortgage advice it's best to go to a banker. If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy, then you would want to speak to a lawyer. You might also want to try a financial planner.

Rights and duties of collecting and paying banker?

collecting banker defination,functions of a collecting banker

Difference between collecting banker n paying banker?

When a check is written on a bank account, the banker at that particular bank is the paying banker. They are responsible for paying the check when a customer presents it for payment. A collecting banker collects the checks for his customers from a paying banker.

Name an occupation where you wouldn't want to enter a wrong number?

accountant banker operator cashier

To whom do you go to if you want to enroll in a coverdell education savings account?

A financial advisor.

Meaning of paying banker?

the banker on whom a cheque is drawn or the banker who is required to pay the cheque drawn on him by a customer is called the paying banker or drawee bank

What is the ISBN of Ode to a Banker?

The ISBN of Ode to a Banker is 0099515172.

How tall is Carol Banker?

Carol Banker is 5' 5".

How tall is Mark Banker?

Mark Banker is 6' 4".

When was Chandulal Banker born?

Chandulal Banker was born in 1912.

When did Chandulal Banker die?

Chandulal Banker died in 1982.

What is the Precautions to be taken by a paying banker?

precaution to be taken by a banker

What is an investment Banker?

Its the highest paying career for a human being to become if they want to be good luck!!

What does a banker make in a year?

a banker makes up to 100k a year