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To protect against accidents and injury.

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Q: Why do you wear safety equipment?
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What safety equipment do golfers wear?

Gloves and spikes are about the only equipment they wear

What is the single most important piece of safety equipment you can wear while participating in an activity?

The single most important piece of safety equipment you can wear will depend on the activity you are participating in.

Why wear safety equipment?

So you can be safe if something was to occur.

Is NASCAR racing dangerous?

It is if you refuse to wear the safety equipment!

When should your teacher require you to wear safety equipment like goggles?


What safety equipment is used in water polo?

None normally, but you can wear a mouthguard.

What should you wear when handling hydrochloric acid?

You should definitely wear gloves, but there is also different safety equipment you can wear.

What exactly do courses in electrical safety training require?

They will teach you how to be safe when working with equipment. You will learn what clothing to wear and when you can work with the equipment.

What safety equipment does a volleyball player wear?

All you really need is kneepads and a good uniform!

What does a gunsmith wear?

A gunsmith will usually just wear normal clothes. However, they will also avoid wearing loose clothing. They must wear safety equipment.

What do speed skaters wear in the Olympics?

Short track you have to wear alot of safety equipment, just search it on Wiki, and for long track you just have to wear skates.

Can you give some safety tips for using tile saws?

There are safety tips for individuals that use tile saws. The most important safety tip when utilizing tile saws is to wear the proper safety equipment.

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