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Why do your calves hurt so much when walking up hills?

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Your muscles are probably out of shape. When you go up hill, the calve muscles tend to flex a little more than just regular walking, you need to stretch and strengthen the muscles.

2006-07-15 18:38:53
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Why do your calves hurt so much when walking?

Your calves should not hurt when walking. Perhaps there is a difficult with your footwear or the surface you are walking on. Please check with your physician. .

Does scoliosis hurt?

Not all the time, mostly if you have done to much exercise or walking home from school i tend to get pains and have to stop walking for a few seconds.

What exercises can slim tree trunk calves and thighs because the rest of the body is thin?

Muscular calvesUnfortunately this is largely genetic, I have bulky legs too, and I'm a size 4 US. Cardio doesn't help, neither does any exercise I can think of. I've stretched and stretched. Don't notice much difference either. There's surgery in Korea, it cuts out part of the muscles.I noticed that people who've been immobilized usually experience reduction in muscle tissue. Maybe we can sit in a wheelchair for six months.ANSWER:Common reasons for large calves include:Genetic: You may have inherited your calves from your parents.Exercise: Inadvertently exercising in a way that increases the calf muscles.Gait: You may be overusing your calf muscles when walking.Fat Tissue: Rather than having large calf muscles, you may actually have a lot of fat around that area, making them look big and bulky.To slim large calves:Avoid walking on the ball of your foot, keep your heel down.Running for longer distances can slim down calves.Stretching can lengthen muscles and make them look leaner and longer.Pilates can also help elongate legs.Avoid exercises that will build muscle mass in the calves, such as the step machine or walking up steep hills/ high incline on the treadmill.

How bad does liposuction on the thighs hurt?

I am currently on my 10th day of post-liposuction. I had liposuction on my thighs and stomach. My thighs hurt more than my stomach did over the past week and has the most bruising. Walking isn't too difficult but I do have a slight limp due to the swelling on my right leg and because my legs go numb often. Too much walking also causes my knees, calves and feet to swell as well. I do though however notice my thighs are no longer touching which makes me happy! The first week is the hardest but after that it gets easier.

Can calves drink water after they drank milk?

Yes. Water shouldn't be not limited to calves, because they need it just as much as cows do.

How much do calves grow in first year?

Depends on the breed. Most calves can gain between 600 and 800 lbs in their first year.

How much does a sprained ankle hurt?

A sprained ankle can hurt enough so that walking on it is impossible. If you have a sprained ankle, apply ice to reduce swelling and stay off of it. Keep it elevated until it begins to feel better.

How much do bull calves cost?

Depends on where you live and the prices themselves. Dairy bull calves will not cost much; maybe $150-$200. You won't find beef bull calves for sale. Make sure you castrate them as soon as possible so you don't have a trainwreck when they get older.

Average price for 1 month old calf?

This depends on its weight, sex, and breeding. It won't go for much as a dairy calf, as dairy calves often sell cheaper than beef calves. Lighter calves, starting at 300 lbs, go for more than heavier calves, and male calves sell higher than females.

Do calves drink out a baby bottle?

No. They drink out of a much larger bottle specifically made for raising baby calves, typically called a calf bottle.

How much do 400 lb holstein calves sell for?

2.00 a pound

What would cause striae on the thighs that are much larger than the arms or calves?

Having stretchmark's, or striae, on the thighs that are much larger than the arms or calves is most likely caused by excessive exercise.

How do you slim calves?

Very little fatty tissue builds up on your calves; for women, weight typically goes to their hips and thighs, and for men it mainly goes to their bellies. It's pretty much impossible to gain weight just on your calves, and conversely, it's impossible to lose weight just on your calves. The best way to get curvy, shapely calves is through running.

How much can you make on raising 40 calfs?

The only time you'll make money is if you sell all those calves (unless you're being paid by the owner of the calves to raise them). Then the prices will depend on the sex, breed, and weight of the calves.

How can calves get smaller?

Calves get smaller by not getting fed as much and then being kept in small cages where they cannot move around. This makes them loose weight. Hope it helps!

How much do wildebeest calves weigh?

as much as a turkey on thanksgiving but plus like 10 billion pounds

How much would it cost to attend Black Hills State?

How much does it cost to camp at black hills park in southdacota

How much is a baby calf?

An average calf may cost around 50 cents per pound for drop calves (calves that are newborn). This price may vary for your region.

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1 hour walking

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How much milk do calves drink each day?

4qts or more depending on the size of the

Why does your ankle hurt even thougth i did nothing extreme and it just started on sept 15 2009?

You may have been just walking on it to much. Try not to put to much stress on it, and rest it for a while. If it gets worse, contact your doctor.

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