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Why do your ears clog up?


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2007-11-28 10:38:43
2007-11-28 10:38:43

The ears might be infected or there might be ear mites involved. The vet would know for sure. Sometimes if your ears get warm this loosens any wax in your ears. Some people have more of a build up of wax than others so see your doctor and let them clean your ears properly.


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I dont know talking to much your ears get clogged because as you go on a mountian, or somewhere up high, the air pressure gets so hard, it will clog your ears. the higher you are up, the more dense the air pressure gets because on the atmosphere.

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because your ears actually have a tube that reaches to your mouth. it is small but it still counts and can be felt. a cold is bacteria building up in your mouth and back of your throat area. the bacteria grows and can clog the tubes that go to your ears, hence the ear plugging.

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Well my ears clog everyday. One thing that seems to work for me is using Q-Tips and twist them in my ears like im cleaning them but not far deep in my ear. Hope this helps!

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Yes, it can break up and clog both.

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Yes. If you don't, the wax will build up inside of your ears and clog it up and can sometimes cause it to be infected! And, that is very bad for your ears! You will get pimples in your ears, if you never clean your ears, than you will eventually not be able to hear...that is what I was told and if that is not true, than it will at least be very hard to hear! You have to clean them all over! In the hole, on the part that people see especial (you can wet the Q-tip so you can get more after get more after doing it regularly, I do that and it works for me!)

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