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Because when it comes out of your bum it hurts because you push yto hard on it and iyt is really very painful!

Pay no attention to that answer...

It all depends on the type of foods you eat...

For example, the more junk you eat, the more "squishy" it is

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Does feces hurt you?


Will eating feces hurt you?

Why are you eating feces in the first place...

Can the smell of human feces hurt you?

Yes but it is a slim chance. Bacteria can get in your lungs.

Can dog feces hurt you?

No notin less you use bleach or another chemical that you use when you was your clothes.

Can you use guinea pig spoiled bedding and feces with urine in your compost pile?

I guess as long as it doesnt hurt the worms

How can you stop your dog from eating mini piglet feces?

You are not going to be able to do this unless you simply keep the dog away from the feces. Why? Because to the dog the feces is a treat and taste good. The good news is that as long as the mini piglet is healthy, its feces is healthy, too, and it won't hurt the dog. Just make sure the dog has access to it's own good food, which is, of course, more nutritious than the feces. Then you can thank the dog for cleaning up the feces for you - just don't let him kiss you right afterward.

Can eating dog feces hurt a child? = = Yes i would not eat dog feces because im only 7 years old and im a child no laughing okay its not funny drunk person

Is it feces or feces?

Feces is correct in America. Faeces is correct in International English.

Will cat feces hurt your outdoor planter boxes?

It will infact help it as a fertilizer. My cat does it all the time, now we have potatoes growing for some reason.

Are raccoon feces similar to human feces?

No, they do resemble cat feces but are a bit larger.

Why did your whole family turn into feces?

Because your feces has magical powers that turns anything it touches to feces, and one day your family thought your feces was cookies, ate it, and then they turned into feces! TADAA!

Does feces stink?

Yes feces does stink.

What are the side effects of eating feces?


Feces in pool?

Feces in pool? is not a question.

Do children's feces stink?

Yes, children's feces often smells as offensive as adult feces.

What is the medical term meaning poop?

ANSWER:Feces, stool or excrementFeces, fecal matter, excrement, stoolExcrement or feces.Faeces, or stool.Feces.

What stores feces before the feces are pushed out?

The rectum is the final storing place for feces. When you defecate, you relax the anal sphincter and push the feces out of the rectum.

Do dogs clean their teeth with feces?

No. There are parasites in feces. Consuming feces can make dogs sick or have worms.

Why are feces egested?

Feces are egested because they serve no biological purpose. Feces are undigestible food waste.

Why do dogs like human feces?

first, because there so used to seeing there own kind that there is something new about human feces that adore them. there also because humans can give off energy to the dogs and the dogs will knowledge and find out neither it is someone that is going to love them or hurt them.

If a prong off a plastic fork broke and you swollowed it could it hurt you?

If a prong off a plastic fork broke and you swallowed it, it is unlikely that it could hurt you. Something so small would most likely pass through the bowel in the feces.

How can feces make you sick?

Exposure to feces can make you sick because feces is a good growing medium for germs. Germs that can grow in feces can cause a number of diseases. If your cat has toxoplasmosis, and you handle their feces, you can get toxoplasmosis too.

What color is feces?

Feces (poop) is generally brown.

Why are feces black?

Typically, it is from blood in stool/feces.

Do frog feces look like dog feces?