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You need to ask a doctor this question.

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What is the herbal equivalent to Ativan?

Kava Kava is a good substitute for Ativan. Chamomile or Valerian as well as high doses of Magnesium are good as well. Homeopathic medicine may provide some symptom relief.

What happens when you mix Ativan with Klonopin?

No need for an answer. I found out myself. Not. Good mix. My prescription Ativan alone I better taken alone. It works better than combining the two. A matter of fact the effectiveness is increased by NOT mixing the two. By the WA they are both prescriptions f mine. Nothing illegal going on here.

What is a good example of stage directions?

(Loud, sharp knocks on the door.)

Does the laptop bag protect the laptop against accidental knocks?

A good laptop bag will protect the laptop against those small accidental knocks that you just can't prevent, they do have some protection. Bigger knocks could be a problem though.

Ativan and oxycodone?

it depeneds on what you would want. if you looking to get high, they are both good.

Can you drink alcohol on antidepressant luvox and Ativan?

Can - sure. Your mouth and throat are still working.Is it a good idea - no.

Is Ativan is good with Benadryl?

No worries. I have taken 2 mg Ativan for anxiety, in combination with benadryl for my allergies. Might make you a bit (or a lot) sleepier than taking either one without the other. That's about it. Go for it.

What is good about multicultural differences?

Its social and emotional good health that knocks down the doors to stereotypes an racism which is a disease that is ignored for the interest of closed minds.

Why are you good at nothing?

Because I'm not bad at nothing, in fact, I excel in nothing. I am a pro at it. So I'm good at nothing.

Can you taper off xanax by taking Ativan?

Lorazepam (Ativan) has a long half-life, so it is a good choice for tapering, though diazepam is traditionally used. Getting off benzodiazepines is difficult no matter which one you taper with. Cut off your supply of Xanax and find someone to hold the Ativan for you so you aren't tempted to take more when things get rough.

What is a slang word for good for nothing?

Slang for a good for nothing - a bum.

Is the number 13 bad?

No. There is nothing inherently good or bad about individual numbers.No. There is nothing inherently good or bad about individual numbers.No. There is nothing inherently good or bad about individual numbers.No. There is nothing inherently good or bad about individual numbers.

What is good about genocide?

There is nothing good about it.

What is good in the hood?

To be honest, nothing. Nothing hasever been "good" in the hood. With gang shootings and an inability to use contraception.... Nothing willk EVER "good in the hood".

Does Valium and Ativan show up as the same?

They typically do because they are both benzos but some tests can tell the difference. Usually you are good though.

Is Ativan good?

Ativan is a wonder drug for panic, anxiety and sleep. It comes in 1and 2 mg pills, and is very effective.The only problem is that most doctors do not like to prescribe it long term because they think that it is addictive or hard to stop.I have been on and off ativan for 2 years and it is quite easy to stop.The doctor only gives me 1 month supply at a time though, its very frustrating!

Where is the key for the electronics store on night watch island?

You get the key for Good Deals when you surprise the robber at MacGuffin's. (He knocks you down at the Costume store.)

Assumption that nothing but the price of a good will change istha definition for?

the assumption that nothing but the price of a good will change

What is a 7 letter word for good for nothing?

A 7 letter word meaning good for nothing is useless.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Good for Nothing - 1912?

The cast of The Good for Nothing - 1912 includes: Edwin August as Dick Evans - the Good for Nothing Guy Hedlund Arthur Matthews as The Clergyman

Can you use Ativan if it has just expired?

I BELIEVE THAT the flat 1 year expiration date put on drugs is an attempt to sell more drugs. Most medication, with a few exceptions (usually antibiotics) are good long past their "experation date". If the ativan JUST expired, I would have no problem taking it and not worring about it. <<<adr>>>

Expand the quote Too much of anything is good for nothing?

Expand the quote Too much of anything is good for nothing?

What is the correct quote Evil thrives when good men do nothing?

'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'

What is the meaning of 3 knocks in a dream?

The three knocks seam to be a distraction either from a spirit or your subconscious mind. You may have something on your mind at that moment or you maybe dreaming of something that that is not good for you. A spirit or your subconscious mind seams to be telling you, Don't Think Of This! or Wake- Up! Next time you hear the three knocks try to think of what was on your mind or what were you dreaming of at that moment?, whatever it is it does not want you to think or dream of this. From my own experiences it seams to be connected to adultery and divorce.

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