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First thing I would replace is the fuel filter if it hasn't been changed in a long time. It may be clogged with dirt or there may be water in your fuel tank with the cold weather and all. There is a possibility your fuel pump is going out, supplying just enough fuel to get the truck running but running out of pressure to keep it running. You cna buy a fuel pressure gauge and check the fuel pressure in your fuel line up on the fuel rail on the engine. Just turn the key on to activate the pump and see what fuel pressure you are getting. IS it holding steady? If it is start the engine and see if it drops. There are sensors that WILL shut off your engine but considering it starts, and then dies, well it's either a fuel delivery problem or possibly a timing issue but I would start with a fuel filter, then check fuel pressure and go from there. The fuel pump is in the fuel tank so be prepared for a hefty repair bill if you don't plan to do it yourself. Just a heads up!

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1997 gmc 3500 6.5 diesel after a few miles it sputers then stalls starts back up you have changed fuel filter and sender?

its gonna be expensive but try injectors, air filter, air fuel mixture sensor, or get one of those handy dandy read your codes yourself testers an plug it into your truck an see if it tells you anything. your best bet would be to induce the problem then run it while the codes are fresh in the engine

What other name does Mt McKinley have that starts with a d?


95 3.4 Pontiac firebird starts but acts like is is starving for gas will run with mapp sensor unpluged replaced with new sensor but same probblem?

Check your fuel filter, throttle position sensor , and timing

Maf location 99 Tahoe?

There is a air duct hose that comes out of the air filter box and goes to the engine. The MAF sensor is right were the air hose starts out of the filter box.

1992 dakoda 5.2 auto 4 speed starts good but when you put into geer truck clunk and stalls if you race the engine it will go and shift fine is there a sensor bad?

I don't think the problem is a sensor as the vehicle starts well. A clogged air filter or fuel filter may be at fault - or maybe even dirty spark plugs.

Your car starts cool but when it warms up its like it cant get air and sputters out?

try replacing o2 sensor also the check the fuel filter

Could it be a sensor if a car only starts once in awhile it works for a few days then doesn't start?

Crank position sensor....back of motor in a tight spot , under intake towards the drivers side and to the left of oil filter....

Your jeep Cherokee starts fine but will not keep an idle?

Its possible that it is the TPS sensor (throttle position sensor)easy to replace yourself and available at your local parts store.It could also be a transmission issue, change the fluid and filter, but start with the TPS sensor its a common problem and cheaper solution

What is the basic price of the GMC Sierra Denali?

The GMC Sierra Denali starts at $46,430 for the 1500 model, $46,810 for the 2500HD model, and $47,385 for the 3500HD model. One of the differences between the models is the trailering capacity.

1989 S10 Pickup starts but won't stay running?

Most likely a problem in the fuel line.... pump or filter... could be an air flow sensor, PCV, or EGR, as well. Oh yeah, or it could be an idle sensor, or a problem with the choke.

99 Chrysler Town and Country - Why does the oil light come on when vehicle is stopped and goes off when vehicle starts to go again?

Check the oi pressure sensor, located next to the filter, for oil in the electrical plug. If oil is present, replace sensor.

Where is the intake air temperature sensor located on a 2007 Chevy silverado with a 4.8 liter?

It is built into the mass air flow sensor on that year model. You can find it clamped in the air intake duct work that comes from the air filter box and goes to the engine throttle body housing. It will be right at the air filter box when the duct work starts. It will have an electrical connector pluged into it.

You have a 1994 Grand Am your car on the highway or at 50 mph and over starts to shake your check engine lights comes on as well you just had an O2 sensor and wheel replaced Any ideas?

fuel filter

Why wont truck start with map sensor plugged in but starts with it unplugged?

odds are the sensor needs to be replaced

How often you clean the carbon filter on your fish tank?

when the water starts to get dirty if it is a bit dirty then leave it when it starts to get really dirty clean the filter and your fish tank

Just put new battery on your vauxhall agila1.2 now it starts but wont run for more than 10seconds anyone any thoughts?

sounds like a fuel or air problem change the fuel filter and air filter first also could be sensor or wiring fault

Starts but dies 2000 silverado?

Mass Airflow Sensor

Why does your corsa sxi starts when cold but not when warm?

crankshaft sensor

What would be the problem if your motorcycle starts pourning oil out of the filter right when you start it up?

wrong oil filter , bad oil filter gasket

What can be wrong if your car starts then shuts off and starts again but you have to press the gas a little bit?

Partially clogged fuel filter or weak fuel pump. Replace the fuel filter.

What could be wrong with a 1996 geo metro starts but stalls when giving it gas?

this could be a number of things, air filter bad gas timing plugs wires rotor cap fuel filter or a sensor. I would suggest starting with fresh gas with a good carb cleaner and a tune up.

When do you change brake pads on a truck?

When the whare sensor starts to squeek

Starts and cuts off quik?

fuel pump or crank sensor

When should you replace knock sensor?

Not until it starts giving you trouble.

What are signs of camshaft sensor going bad?

Check Engine light, misfires, cut outs, hard starts, no starts......