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Why does Annabeth say they have to kill Medusa?

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Because Medusa will turn more innocent people to stone statues if nobody stop her.

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Why did annabeth say they have to kill medusa?

Medusa has been turning travelers into statues, and then selling them at Aunty Em's Gnome Emporium.

Why does Annabeth say they have to kill Medusa Why can't they just run away?

because they have to stop medusa from truning other people into stone

In The Lightning Thief who killed Medusa Percy or his friend?

Percy, Annabeth told him to since he had the better weapon and Medusa didn't want to kill him, just turn him into a statue of stone.

How are Annabeth and Medusa related?

In the Percy Jackson series, Annabeth is the daughter of the goddess Athena. Athena had caught Medusa and Poseidon together (in a manner of speaking) in her temple, and was furious. As a result, Medusa became a monster with snake hair and the ability to turn people to stone. Hence, in the books, Medusa is angry at Annabeth because Medusa dislikes Annabeth's mother, Athena.

Did medusa kill eurdice?

No, Medusa did not kill Eurdice.

Why was Medusa after Percy Jackson?

Medusa was in a relationship with Poseidon long ago. They got caught together in Athenas temple and Athena found this disrespectful. She turned Medusa and her 2 sisters into the gorgons and Poseidon no longer saw her. When Annabeth and Percy found her she wanted to kill Annabeth because she reminded Medusa of Athena who she holds a grudge against. Percy, however reminded her of Poseidon so she wanted to preserve him as a statue forever. Hope this helped :)

Who helped perseus kill Medusa?

Athena and Hermes helped Perseus kill Medusa.

Did Alexander the great kill Medusa?

The Medusa was killed by Perseus

Can Percy Jackson kill Annabeth Chase?

Yes, Percy Jackson can kill Annabeth Chase. However, because she is his ally and friend, he would not kill her.

Does Medusa have a weakness?

Medusa was mortal; and so Perseus could kill her.

Did Jason and the Argonauts kill Medusa?

No, they did not. The hero Perseus decapitated Medusa.

What happens in chapter 11 in the book Lightning Thief?

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover get attacked by Medusa.

Who did Medusa kill?

She did not kill anyone perseus killed her

Why did Athena kill Medusa?

Athena didn't kill Medusa. Perseus is the hero who did that. Athena only turned Meduas into a monster.

How did hurcules kill Medusa?

I assume you mean Hercules/Heracles. Hercules didn't kill Medusa---Perseus did. Perseus killed Medusa by looking into a mirror to avoid Medusa's gaze and killed her.

Why did medusa want to crush annabeth to dust but keep Percy as a statue?

Medusa used to be Poseidon's girlfriend, so she kept Percy alive because she was still fond of Poseidon

Who was sent to kill Medusa?

Perseus was sent to slay Medusa and bring back her head.

What are the divine gifts Perseus receives as he sets out on his quest to kill Medusa?

What are the divine gifts Perseus receives as he sets out on his quest to kill Medusa

How do you get Annabeth in the Find What if your Power Percy Jackson wuiz?

sadly, you cant. you get Poseidon, Medusa, Zeus, Grover :), and Hades

Would Annabeth want to kill Percy?

Annabeth would not want to kill Percy Jackson, as they are friends. They have been through to much together throughout the Percy Jackson series for her to want to kill him.

What movie does Hercules kill Medusa?

The Disney movie Hercules

How did Athena help Perseus kill the monster Medusa?

She showed him pictures of Medusa and her sistersnewtest3

Who tried to kill Medusa?

Perseus, and he succeeded.

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