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Why does Answers fail to respond in the way advertised?


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May 11, 2012 3:25PM

Some answers are answered very quickly and others aren't. With so many questions coming in, there is a lot of work coming in every minute. The site is constantly being updated, which also can affect what happens and how questions are dealt with. A lot of very similar questions come in, so if people can search the site they will often find a variation of their question that has been answered already, so they do not even need to wait for an answer. Unfortunately a lot of people do not do this, so the same questions are asked repeatedly, even though there are answers for them already. Much of the work of the contributors to the site is taken up by merging unanswered questions into versions that have been already answered. So it depends on how someone uses the site. Most can get the information they want very quickly without having to even ask their questions.