Why does Artemis have a Golden Bow?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Well we all know Artemis is a hunting goddess, and sometimes associated with moonlight. dont know why i said that.

Well anyway, Apollo has a gold and silver bow, and artemis has a gold. cant answer the question but i gave clues.

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Q: Why does Artemis have a Golden Bow?
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How did the greek goddess Artemis get her golden bow and arrow?

Actually Artemis had silver bow and arrows. Her twin brother, Apollo, had golden bow and arrows. Artemis got her silver bow and arrows from her father, Zeus, by asking him when she was very young. She also asked to be a Virgin forever, and to have a pack of girl dogs and to have huntresses to tend to her

What is Artemis's main symbol?

Golden bow & arrows; Deer (stag or hind)

What are some symbols of Artemis?

Golden bow & arrows; Deer (stag or hind)

What did the greek goddedss Artemis hunt with?

Her arrows and golden bow is most often told about in Greek myth.

Does Apollo have a golden bow or a silver bow?

Apollo:-Son of Zeus and Leto-Twin brother of Artemis-God of music, prophecy,medicine,light,reason,and the sun-Has a chariot which he uses to pull the sun across the sky-Carried a golden bow and golden lyre

Why did Artemis have a bow and arrows?

Since Artemis was the goddess of the Hunt, it was practical that she had a bow and arrow.

What is Artemis weapon and why?

Bow and arrow, for Artemis was the goddess of the Hunt.

What was the Greek god Artemis weapon?

Artemis weapon was a bow and arrows.

What was Artemis accessories?

Artemis accessories was she had a bow in arro and her vehicle was a carrige

How does Artemis attack?

Artemis attacks by shooting a silver arrow from her bow.

Symbol for Artemis?

bow and arrows and wild animals are the symbols for artemis

Who made Artemis' bow?

It was made by the cyclops as a birthday present for Artemis.