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Why does Australia have the name Oz?


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If you say Australia it sounds like Oz-stralia, it's simply shortened.

Australians are often called "Aussies" which is pronounced "Oz-ies", so that's where the name "Oz" comes from.

OZ sounds like the AUS in Australia.


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The name Oz is what the book and the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' and the country/continent Australia have in common. The name 'Oz' refers to the Wizard and to the beautiful, enchanted, magical lands in the original 1900 book edition and the beloved 1939 movie version of 'The Wizard of Oz'. The name 'Oz' also is a nickname for Australia.

They are not called Oz, they are refered to as Aussies.Sometimes Australia itself is spelled in a colloquial way as Oz, which is just a play on the name Australia.

Australians are often called "Aussies" which is pronounced "Oz-ies", so that's where the name "Oz" comes from.

Why is Australia also known as oz?Oz is an abbreviation for Australia. Oz naturally came from Aussie, so there are two abbreviations for Australia. Like the Australian teamline "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi."(sorry if I gave you the wrong information but I'm usually good at stuff about Australia :])It is just a way of spelling 'Aus', the shortened name of Australia.

Oz Answer The continent was initally called New Holland, then Terra Australis, then Australia.

Oz originated with the nickname Aussie (any thing Australian). It was then was shortened even further to oz. With oz being spread overseas, Australia was then known as oz.

There is no other name for Australia. Its full name is the Commonwealth of Australia. Some confuse the names "Oceania", "Australasia" and "Australia", but the two former names each represent a different region, whereas "Australia" is a separate nation and continent. Informally, it is known as "down under" or can also be known as "Oz".

Australia is called "Down under" because the entire continent lies "down under" the equator. "Oz" comes from the shortened, badly pronounced version of the name "Australia" - as in "Auz-tralia".

"Oz" is an abbreviation of the pronunciation of "Aus-tralia".

I have been told it is OZ but I cannot verify that.

Oz is a corruption of the pronunciation of the first syllable: Australia, which is normally pronounced Os-tray-lee-ah.

Australia -> Aus -> Oz. I'm pretty sure it's just similar sound.. :) There is absolutely no connection between Australia and the Wizard of Oz. However, in 1992, Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating was dubbed "The Lizard of Oz" after he put his arm around Queen Elizabeth II on her visit to Australia.

Oz Encounters UFO's in Australia - 1997 V is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

Oz / Straya is also becoming a popular slang word for Oz

The land of Australia is what is the real Oz.Specifically, Oz is a nickname for the country and continent of Australia. Another much beloved nickname is the land down under. Still another nickname is the land of the glowing, thundering Aussies.

Probably would be in West Oz

the wettest town in oz in aus

Australia is variously referred to as Down Under, the land Down Under, or simply Oz.

"Oz" is short for "Aus" which is the abbreviation for Australia. They call it "Down Under" because it's the only inhabited continent that is entirely below the equator.

The official name of Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia.

Oz Clarke's birth name is Owen Clarke.

Australia has no other official name. Its full name is the Commonwealth of Australia.

Australia does not have any other name. Its official name is Commonwealth of Australia.

As far as i know Oz = Aus Generally a substitute for the word Australia e.g Made in Oz or I know someone who lives in Oz Also Ozzie = Aussie (a word for Australian)

Australia has dingoes which are a subspecies of wolf so the answer is yes, Australia has wolves.

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