Why does Billy Costigan only drink cranberry juice in the departed?

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Some people believe that cranberry juice can mask the presence of drugs. Costigan is just out of jail and probably seeing a probation office. He's also selling cocaine with his cousin. He may be ordering the cranberry juice because, as an undercover agent, he wants the criminals he's hanging out with to think he is doing drugs and trying to mask the presence. Or maybe he really is doing drugs and needs to hide the fact.

At least that's my theory.

- Not Quite. He's still a federal agent, regardless of the conditions of where he is, he is still unable to drink or be high during the period in which he is working undercover. Simple law.

-It shows Billy Taking OxyContin (opiate painkiller) so he is probably playing it safe and not drinking, as mixing the two can easily be fatal
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Can drinking cranberry juice clean marijuana out of your system?

Cranberry juice does not clean your system of marijuana any better than simply drinking water will. Anyone claiming so is a coincidence that can be explained by several other factors, and does not know anything about how drugs in the body - especially THC - are stored, metabolised and ejected.

Can you drink cranberry juice when pregnant?

Answer . My wife is 8 months pregnant and she is just fine. Doctors recommend a lot of things that a pregnant woman should and should not eat, however they are only recommendations, and different doctors have different opinions.

What do you call a drink mixed with cranberry juice and vodka?

Order this as "A Vodka and Cranberry", or if you have a specific vodka in mind, such as Absolute, order it as an "Absolute Cranberry".. Excellent seclection. I suggest ordering a slice of lime with it, too.. If you want something with more flavor, try a flavored vodka, such as a Grape 3 Olives V ( Full Answer )

Can drinking too much cranberry juice give you a headache?

Yes; in fact ask yourself this. What doesn't give you a headache these days? Just take a look at the medication bottles you have in your medicine cabinet. I guarantee almost all of them list headache under side effects. So to completely answer your question; is it possible? Yes, but could it be some ( Full Answer )

Is there a drink with vodka cranberry juice and sprite?

Yes...its called a Vodka, Cranberry and sprite... There is also the Cape Cod Islander: . 1 oz vodka . 1/2 oz Malibu coconut rum . 1/4 oz pineapple juice . 2 1/2 oz cranberry juice . 3/4 oz Sprite soda

How much cranberry juice do you need to drink to get rid of a bladder infection?

From what I understand, cranberry juice does not cure a bladder infection. You will need to see a Dr. and get antibiotics for that. However, 100% cranberry juice will help prevent the infection from getting worse, so continue to drink it along with plenty of water.. Make sure it is 100% cranberry ( Full Answer )

Can drinking cranberry juice cause gout?

the actual juice isn't likely to cause However cording to some est that were done in Germany regarding this issue it will lead to an increase in uric acid in the blood which is responsible for gout. Go to the related link below( The Effects of Cranberry Juice on Gou t) for more info on this.

Will drinking cranberry juice help detox you for a drug test?

It can certainly help you on your way. Drink a lot of cranberry juice, pee as much as possible and do physical exercise 2-3 days before your test. Don't work out the day before or on the day that you are taking the test, this MAY (not entirely sure) conflict with the results. Keep on drinking cranbe ( Full Answer )

If you drink only cranberry juice will you lose weight?

No, unfortunately. You won't lose weight. Cranberry has sugars init (it's only good for UTI a.k.a. Urinary Tract Infection. Eventreating this, you need to find cranberry juice with no sugars.)Your best bet is to keep drinking water. Or if you don't like plainwater, try getting the 0 calories 0 sugar ( Full Answer )

Can guinea pigs drink cranberry juice?

Guinea pigs in general should not be eating or drinking anything that has added sugar in it like fruit juice, candy, etc.. If you want to feed them fruit, make sure it is safe for them to do so. Here are 5 good fruits that you can feed your guinea pig (remember to remove any large seeds beforehan ( Full Answer )

Can you drink cranberry juice after the expiration date?

The expiration date is a guideline, and most products are good for a short while after expiration if they have been properly stored; but you should not depend in it. If its just a few days then it is probably still okay. Try tasting it and if it tastes strange then discard it.

If you drink a lot of water and take a lot of cranberry pills and drink cranberry juice will ice be out of your system by monday if you did it on Saturday?

Actually the ice will have melted when it entered your body and will be all gone within a number of hours through perspiration, urination, defacation and metabolic assimilation!! But then, like the incredibly uneducated and idiotic gangster goofs of the 30's and 40's who called diamonds "ice" (thin ( Full Answer )

Can I drink cranberry juice with amox tr-k clv?

No, not with amox tr-k clv (Amoxicillin Clavulanate), which is a member of the penicillin antibiotics. The acid in fruit juices, as well as carbonated beverages, may destroy the drug. Also, this particular form of penicillin is best taken right before a meal for optimum effictiveness and minimum sto ( Full Answer )

Does drinking cranberry juice help pass a drug test?

yes for about an hour then your body just excretes more of themetabolites from the liver. drinking anything is a very short termthing . AND if you drink too much right before a test you FAIL FROMDILUTION they actual know as you will show crashed levels ofcreatinine and your specific gravity ( the ac ( Full Answer )

Can you cure urinary infection by only drinking cranberry juice?

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Does drinking cranberry juice help get Valium out of system?

Yes, drinking heaps of anything should help. The above is not so and rather careless. Water would be the only correct answer. Cranberry Juice (as well as grapefruit juice and many others actually) inhibits the breakdown of Valium and many other tranquilizers and antidepressants. So mixing the two ( Full Answer )

How long after expiration date is it safe to drink cranberry juice?

With cranberry juice, it's always hard to tell whether or not its safe to drink. A good way to tell if it is safe to drink is to check the inside of the container. If the surface of the juice is surrounded by a ring of crusty or dark lines, its best to just throw it out. If you're just wanting a cle ( Full Answer )