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Because the superstition said that women who were touched by the Lupercal racers were likely to have babies.

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Caesar tells Calpurnia to stand close to the racers in the Lupercal festival because it was believed that being touched by the runners' clothes could make women more fertile. Caesar and Calpurnia were childless at the time, so he wanted to increase their chances of having a child.

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Q: Why does Caesar tell calpurnia to stand close to the racers?
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Why does Caesar tell calpernia to stand close to the racers so Antony can touch her?

Antony's touch can make Calphurnia fertile.

What does Caesar ask Antony to do for him while Antony is in the holy chase?

Stand in front of a Calphurnia to cure her inability to have children.

What where Julius Caesar's superstitions that he wanted Antony and Calpurnia to carry out?

Julius Caesar was highly superstitious and believed in omens. He wanted Antony and Calpurnia to touch the entrails of sacrificed animals during a religious ceremony as a way to divine the future. He also asked Calpurnia to stand in Antony's way during the Lupercalia festival to prevent bad omens.

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The line is "Stand you directly in Antonius' way when he doth run his course" and is said by Caesar to his wife Calpurnia. Antony is one of the men running in the footrace which is traditional on the Lupercal celebrations. The word "course" has the same meaning as in the expressions "race course" or "golf course"; it is the path which the contestants have to follow. To run his course is to run the race along the prescribed path.

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