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Canada claims Hans Island which is disputed between Canada and Denmark because of its location in the middle of an international strait.

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Q: Why does Canada claim Greenland?
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What countries lay claim to Greenland?

Two of them are Canada and Denmark

Is Greenland by Canada?

Yes, Greenland is northeast of Canada.

What is the distance between Greenland and Canada?

The distance from Franklin Island (territory belonging to Greenland) to Ellesmere Island (Canada), across the Nares Strait, is about 25 km. If the Canadian claim to Hans Island is considered valid, Canada is even closer, at a distance of approximately 20 km. From Qaqortoq, Greenland, to Iqaluit, Canada, it is about 740miles, or 1200km. From Qaanaaq to Ellesmere Island (the closest it is to canada), it is about 140miles, or 230km.

Is farming more profitable in Canada or Greenland?


What large island is northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland?


Which countries claim Canada as their territory?

Nowadays none! -------- The United States has claimed and taken quite a bit of Canada over the years. They currently claim some our of Northern Territories and some of our territorial waters. Greenland claims one of our Islands. And Russia, as well as others claim our North Pole.

Is Greenland a part of Canada?

no it is not

Is Greenland or Canada bigger?

Canada is MUCH bigger.

What country is not in North America Greenland America Mexico or Canada?


Where is Greenland on the map?

Greenland is in the North Atlantic Ocean, to the northeast of Canada.

Where are Grizzlies bears from?

Alaska, Canada and Greenland There are no brown/grizzly bears in Greenland, but there are in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

What country has the most land above the Arctic Circle?

Greenland is on the Arctic Circle, Iceland is near it.