Why does Chicago have its own flag?


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I found this website which describes the Municipal Flag of Chicago. It is not unusual for a city to have its own flag, usually you only see them at municipal buildings (city hall), but in Chicago the flag is much more prevelant. Follow this link for more info.

Just thought maybe you would like to known what everything on the Chicago flag represents. The 2 blue stripes are for the 2 bodies of water in the area, lake Michigan and the Chicago River. The 3 white stripes are for the three areas of the city where people live, the north, south, and west side. Then there are 4 stars. 1 star represents, fort Dearborn, another represents The Great Chicago Fire, and the last 2 represent both Both of the World Fairs Chicago hosted.


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Same as it is today with one less star.

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one of them represents the Chicago fire and another is the worlds fair in Chicago

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