Why does Cookie Monster love cookies?

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Because cookies are good.
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Who is the voice of the Cookie Monster?

Answer . Two people have performed as the voice and puppeteer of Sesame Street's Cooking Monster character. The first to perform was Frank Oz since 1969 to present, followed by David Rudman from 2001 to present. Interesting fact: Before the Cookie Monster ate his first cookie on the show, ( Full Answer )

What do you do if cookie monster is asking you for a cookie?

Pretend to throw the cookie far away so he'll run after it then you run away so he won't get you! Answer: If you ever actually meet the legit cookie monster, then I think you need to be admitted into an institution. Just my personal opinion.

Who is cookie monster?

Answer . Cookie monster is a kids monster from the psb kids television show Seseme Street

Can I be the Cookie Monster?

NO way! I am the ultimate cookie monster!! IN YOUR FACE! Haha! Your stuck with eating veggies!

Why is cookie monster blue?

because all the cookie he eats made a infection so if he east cookie monster eats cookies he will stay blue.

Does the cookie monster eat cookies?

Yes, He's very addicted to cookies and has his own cookie song. The Cookie Monster only eats cookies. He loves all kinds ofcookies.

How old is the cookie monster?

Pre-historically speaking, ageless. Parentage unknown. All we really know is that cookies are the only way to lure him into your home. Your cookies ARE at risk.

What year did the cookie monster die?

The Cookie Monster did not die. He has changed his diet somewhat to set a better example for kids. However, he will always be known for his gluttony.

Where can you find a cookie monster hat?

Target and spencers And amazon or any other online store. I'd go to spencers though cuz they have Elmo hats and all tht stuff :)

Why does the cookie monster steal your cookies?

The cookie monster steals your cookies because he is obviously hungry, and his favorite food is cookies. and in case anyone is wondering he is not gay he is awesome

Why does the cookie monster love cookies?

Who doesn't love cookies? Everyone loves cookies. Except for, of course, cookie-intolerant people don't like cookies and nor do the cookieless sphingus tribe who live in the Bahamalayan mountains.

What is cookies monster name?

In 2004, a song appeared on Sesame Street called "The First Time Me Eat Cookie." In the song, Cookie Monster says he thinks his name is Sid. The song can be found on YouTube.

Is the cookie monster married?

His wife's name is Lorna Doone. They got married at The Hermitage in Moscow; they served shortbread.

Is the Cookie Monster real?

He is a real (puppet) character on the popular children's television show, Sesame Street. Another Answerer says: Because I LOVE cookies, I seem to be the Cookie Monster personified. But I also accept that there may be others out there, with an equal or possibly even greater love for cook ( Full Answer )

How do you make a cookie monster costume?

There are many options for making a cookie monster costume. Get afuzzy blue pajamas, or wear a fuzzy blue sweater, and carrychocolate chip cookies. You can make a hat with cookie monsterseyes on it by taping eyes made out of white paper and a blackmarker to a blue hat. You can add fuzzy blue socks o ( Full Answer )

Why did they change the Cookie Monster?

They changed it because they saw that the cookie monster was getting a lot of popularity and it was really unhealthy for kids to watch someone or something who would just show them how to eat junk food so they changed him to the veggie monster. the above answers is incorrect Cookie Monster is sti ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy a cookie monster hat?

you can buy a cookie monster hat anywhere. All you have to do is go to the mall, and go to spencers. If you have one, if you don't then sucks to be you then.

When was Cookie Monster Born?

When cookies where made. Or look up who plays him and find out when he was born ;) yw

Why is cookie monster so famous?

He was one of the characters in Sesame Street. Kids probably found his appetite for cookies amusing. The way he talks and the sound he makes when he eats (omnomnomnom) probably made him seem really funny too. And he's as cute as can be too.

How do you say cookie monster in Japanese?

Well Cookie Monster is just クッキーモンスタ (kukkii monsuta) in Japanese. He's from an American show so they use his original name with katakana. In Japanese Cookie is also クッキー and in some cases they use モンスタ or ã ( Full Answer )

What does Cookie Monster eat besides cookies?

I think that he wouldn't eat anything else, unless to drink he would probably have some milk to dip his cookies in! Cookie Monster Like Cookie!!! Om nom nom nom nom!!!

What does cookie monster eats?

cookie monster eats cookies but now i think he is the vegetable monster so he eats vegetables

Is cookie monster vegetable monster?

He was cookie monster but the producers kept using cookies instead of veggies kids love cookies not veggies but veggies are good for you. The bottom line is kids were eating to many cookies so they changed those to veggies.

Where can you buy Cookie Monster Nikes?

Cookie Monster shoes are the creation of the Brass Monki (see Related Link for website). They are custom shoes and although the shoes themselves may be Nikes, they are not sold by the Nike company after the Cookie Monster design has been added. In fact, it appears that the only way to buy a pair of ( Full Answer )

What does the cookie monster fear?

The cookie monster fears cookies. The cookie monster fears maddy because she is one evil cookie loving monster with 8 legs...

When did Cookie Monster debut?

His first appearance was as an unnamed puppet in 1966 & 1967 for a series of commercials. He appeared, still unnamed in the first episode of Sesame Street w/ Kermit in 1969 but didn't officially become 'Cookie Monster' until 1971. 1971 was his first appearance as officially "Cookie Monster"

Where doese the cookie monster live?

Sesame Street!! The Cookie Monster lives on Sesame Street with his friends Elmo and Big Bird. His home is in the apartment building numbered 1,2,3. Gordon, Susan, Bert and Ernie live there too. Oscar's can/home is right outside apartment building 1,2,3.

How do you describe cookie monster?

Cookie monster is fat and blue and also there is a kid named bob at school and he is are fat cookie monster!

Did the real cookie monster die?

No. He is still active in the Muppets. Since 2002, Cookie Monster has been interpreted by David Rudman (born 1964) ably assuming the mantle from Frank Oz, who still provides the CM voice for many special productions.

Who is the voice behind cookie monster?

For many years, from 1969 until 2002, the voice was Frank Oz, a British-born puppeteer, director and actor. Then, after 2002, the primary voice of Cooke Monster became puppeteer and producer David Rudman. Others have voiced Cookie Monster, too, though not consistently. Notable others include Jim He ( Full Answer )

How do you say i am a cookie monster in German?

The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street is known in German as der Krümmelmonster (lit. Crumb Monster) so you could say Ich bin ein Krümmelmonster. Cookie Monster itself translates as Cookiemonster or Keksmonster.

How did Cookie Monster die?

"Cookie Monster not dead. See?" (gobbles down your cookie) "Cookie Monster on diet so can set example for kids to eat right."

Who canceled the cookie monster?

Cookie Monster is still a regular character on Sesame Street, and despite the popular rumor, has not been renamed Veggie Monster.

Who voiced cookie monster?

David Rudman is the current voice of Cookie Monster, although Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Joe Raposo, Carrol Spinney and Eric Jacobson have also voiced Cookie.

Is The Cookie Monster a boy or girl?

The Cookie Monster is acted and voiced by Frank Oz (1969-2002) and David Rudman (2002-present.) However, just because a puppet is voiced and acted by a male performer doesn't make him a boy! Viewers of Sesame Street have also seen Cookie's mother, father, younger sister, and female cousin; his femal ( Full Answer )

What is Cookie Monster real name?

Sid. According to Cookie Monster, he was not born with his cookie-loving name. He was instead called Sidney or Sid and got the name Cookie Monster because of his fondness for the treat. . By Gurjot Singh Sodhi

Who stoll the cookie monsters cookie?

It is unknown who stole the cookie monsters cookie. It was probably someone who could be sneaky enough to get in. Most likely it was someone like a cookie thief.

What color is the Cookie Monster?

The Cookie Monster is a muppet and thus blue in color. Originally he was green and then a purple color but has changed over the years to the blue we see now.

What is the cookie monster song?

The cookie monster song is the well known famous children's sing-a-long tune that was song by the popular Cookie Monster character on the tv show Sesame Street. It remains a popular song with children to this day.