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Diet pepsi has more fizz then regular pepsi because diet pepsi has more chemicals then regular pepsi does.Diet pepsi has more chemicals because it has more acid then regular pepsi.Diet pepsi also has more carbonation then regular pepsi.

diet will float cause diet has more sugar than regular

Not in regular Pepsi, they might in Diet Pepsi.

only diet will because of the lack of sugar ...jsf;lsdj flds

Diet pepsi has less sugar and that's why it floats. Pepsi has more sugar which weighs it down to the bottom at room temperature water.

you can not get strong with Pepsi because it rots your teeth and the diet Pepsi is worse for you then regular.

Main ingredient difference is Diet Pepsi doesn't contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and regular Pepsi does thus, regular pepsi sinks, and diet pepsi does not sink because of the different densities. Same thing will happen with almost any soda product. Same principle with a boat on salt water compared with fresh water. The boat will sit lower in the fresh water because without the salt it displaces more water than with the boat in salt water.

Customer Service Says:Regular Pepsi = 1.04 kg/LDiet Pepsi = 0.99 kg/L

sure i guess if theres no whole in the ball hahhhahahahah

They are equal, because diet pepsi just reduces the caffeine and calories, not carbonation. Carbonation is how fizzy it is.

Customer service says:Regular Pepsi = 1.04 Kg/LDiet Pepsi = 0.99 Kg/L

if you toss a can of pepsi in a tank of water it will sink. the higher density is attributed to the 40 something grams of sugar they have dissolved in pepsi

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regular pepsi is contains alot of sugar so it will gain u weights but pepsi diet is not contain sugar but it contain another material don't remember it this post can help you more :

diet coke will float because it has less density then regular coke because it has more sugar and less chemicals and vice versa for the diet coke.

That depends on if you mean tastes better or better for you. If you mean tastes better, then that would be an answer that would differ depending on who you ask. If you mean better for you, then that would also be an individual determination since some people can not have sugar, so Diet Pepsi would be better for them. I personally like Diet Pepsi better than regular Pepsi but mostly because that is what I am used to now. However, I like Diet Pepsi best with some fresh lemon squeezed in it.

No Carbs in Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max

There is approximately 46 grams of sugar in one can of regular Pepsi. Diet Pepsi contains 0 grams of sugar.

pepsi and diet pepsi its mtn dew because it has 750 sugar in it

Diet Pepsi was created in 1964.

Adding pepsi and mentod created a powerful eruption of soda that reaches severl feet high diet pepsi or regular pepsi prouduces the same effect ,but regular soda creates a sticker effect.

No pepsi has actually been scientifically proven to improve the health of your teeth it is best if you do not brush your teeth after drinking one.

diet sodas have less carbonation than regular sodas. hope this was helpful