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They don't suck, you just have different music tastes from other people.

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Who would win in a battle of the bands Green day or Jonas brothers?

Nope,Green Day would win they won battle of the bands for 14 years 2009 made 14years of wins for Green Day. No lie no contest. green day is way better. Jonas would lose. Green Day they rock and the Jonas Brothers SUCK

Do green flies bite?

green flys suck blood

Why cats eyes are green in the night?

Their eyes are like glow in the dark. they suck in light they see in the day and at night the light has to go out.

What do green flies eat?

They suck sap from plants.

Why Notre Dame not wear green?

Because they suck.

How does a green sea turtle breathe?

their lungs suck in air

What is green clothes day?

green cloths day is when you where green clothing on that day, that day is June 18 .

Paramore or Green Day?

Green Day.

When did they make earth day?

you suck balls

Did green day write 21 guns?

Of course and instead of having someone answer this you could find that out by typing 21 guns by Green Day if it's not Green Day it wont show, but if it is Green Day it will in this case it is GREEN DAY......Damm I LOVE GREEN DAY !

What was not one of green day old name band?

Green Day was Sweet Children before they were Green Day. That was the only band they were before Green Day.

Will green day go number 1?

no, because their new album suck. that's a matter of opinion you idiot and off-course yours doesn't count...... most likely not as it is all the 'pop' crap that normally gets the top spot in charts alough green day rock XD

Is Green Britain day saint Patrick's day?

No. Green Britain day is green Brittan day St Paddys day is st paddys day

How much blood can a mosquito suck?

I look how long a mosquito can really suck your blood they can suck your blood for 1 day without stopping (If your don't move in that day). You should stop them just move or flick it away.

Who is greatest Green Day or Jonas?

Green Day

Is Green Day German?

No Green Day are American

Are Green day grebos?

No, Green Day are not not grebos.

Was green day once called green jelly?

NO!!!Green Day was always Green Day.... Green Day as we know it today has always been Green Day, but Billie Joe and Mike were in a band named Sweet Children.

Is the green lantern an avenger?

No you noob and the pic is green arrow above and you suck cause ya don't know anything.

What do Carpathian mountain dwellers do in a day?

They DO NOT suck blood.

How many years in a day?

if you look up this answer you suck ):

What a bunker trader does?

Suck penis all day

About green consumer day?

say about green consumers day

Is Green Day from Canada?

No,Green Day is From Rodeo, California.

Who is more popular The Beatles or Green Day?

Green day.