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Because its always sunny in Philidelpha

Actually, it's due to Hawaii's location. First, Hawaii is so far south (i.e., close to the equator) that there's little change in the time between sunset and sunrise throughout the year, there's not much more daylight in June than there is in December. Also, Hawaii is close to the western boundary of its timezone, which means everything already happens later by default, both sunrise and sunset. Keeping this in mind, even in June the sun rises rather late, and if there were DST in Hawaii the sun would rise just before 7 AM, which is pretty late. Thus the gain in evening sunlight is cancelled for many residents by a loss in morning sunlight, hence Hawaii decides no daylight saving time.

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2010-03-19 09:09:43
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Q: Why does Hawaii not have daylight saving time?
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If it is 12 noon in Los Angeles CA what time is it in Hawaii?

If it is daylight saving time it is 9am in Hawaii, and if it is not daylight saving time it is 10am in Hawaii. Hawaii does not observe daylight saving time.

When does daylight saving time end in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not observe daylight savings time. Daylight Saving Time ended in Hawaii on June 8, 1947.

Hawaii and daylight saving time?

Hawaii does not use Daylight Savings Time.

When does Daylight Saving Time start in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not participate in daylight savings time.

Does Hawaii observe daylight saving time?


Is Arizona the only state not to observe daylight saving time?

Hawaii also does not observe daylight saving time.

Does Hawaii use daylight saving time?

No, Hawaii has it's own time zone, and does not use daylight savings time.

How many hours behind eastern time is Hawaii?

Hawaii is 6 hours behind Eastern Time during Daylight Saving Time. Hawaii is 5 hours behind astern Time when we are not on Daylight Saving Time.

Does Ohio observe daylight saving time?

Yes. The only states in the US that do not observe Daylight Saving Time are Arizona and Hawaii.

Does Hawaii use daylight savings time?

No they don't. Hawaii is one of the few US states that doesn't implement Daylight Saving Time.

When do the winter Daylight Saving Time begin in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not do Daylight Saving Time- it is so far South, that changing seasons makes little change to length of day/night.

Why do some states in the US do not observe Daylight Saving Time?

Only Arizona do not participate Daylight Saving Time There are only a couple - Arizona and Hawaii.

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