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The wiring to the horn is shorting out at times. Check the horn relay, and the wiring to find where the system shorts when the Jeep brakes.


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A palindrome for the sound of a horn is "toot."

The Sound of His Horn has 154 pages.

Yes. Remove the existing horn or horns, attach your new horn and connect the horn wires. The horn wires will probably have a JEEP wire plug on the end that will need to be removed or altered.

The horn on the 1997 Jeep is located on the steering wheel. The actual sound part (horn) is located under the front right side of the front bumper. If you stand in front of the jeep and stick your hand in the left most cutout hole on the bottom of the plastic bumper cover, you can touch the dual horns as well as remove them and replace them.

Electrical problem, Bad button/horn.

The sound a horn makes is called a toot or a blast.

So what is the question about your 1991 Wrangler horn?

You have to make a raspberry and the length of the horn will make the sound

There are a couples of reasons why a 1993 Jeep Cherokee's horn may not work. One reason is the horn relay fuse may need to be replaced.

On a jeep that new i would check the fuse panel and repace the fuse for the horn. The horn shouldn't be defective but if the fuse doesn't solve the problem, have dealer replace horn under warranty.

There isn't a name for that. It is just the sound a ships horn makes.

you cant sound your horn between 11:30pm and 7am

I cant find one but if the horn is just making a clicking sound then it's the relay and that is in the glove box just take out the little panel where the rope is attached and its in there.

Generically, a horn makes a "honk." But the louder sound of an air horn is either a "blare" or a "blast." There is no exact onomatopoeia for the sound, as there is for the so-called "ah-oo-gah" of a three-tone horn.

Push the car horn button....

Under the hood there is a 5 in. Long bl. Box to the left facing the jeep. There are fuses in it, the horn fuse is in there....good luck..

Slow down at all intersections, and always sound the horn at blind ones.

It is appropriate for the forklift driver to sound the horn when approaching a blind intersection.

Answer 1A car horn produces sound by using electrical energy to viabrate a diaphragm inside the horn which sets up pressure waves in the air, thus becoming sound when heard. The horn diaphragm's creation of sound waves is similar to the way a speaker diaphragm converts electrical pulses from an amplifier into sound, except that the horn is designed to produce only a single frequency of sound, whereas the speaker can produce many different frequencies.

the horn fuse is on the right hand passenger side of the dash.

In the middle of the steering wheel

You could try pressing the switch.

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