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When Juliet is on the balcony with Romeo why does she quickly admit her love for Romeo?

Because she is over welled with the feeling she has for Romeo, and Romeo admits to Juliet that he loves her

Why does Juliet admit her love for Romeo so quickly?

She didn't know he was listening.

Why does Juliet quickly admit her love to romeo?

becase she is overwhelmed with felin cnt keep themall in.

What does romeo want Juliet to do before she realizes he is there?

Juliet wants Romeo to admit that he also is in love with her.

Who is Romeo in love with in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo is in love with Juliet. Before Juliet, Romeo was infatuated with Rosaline. Romeo and Juliet married in secret and tragically died.

Juliet quickly admits her love to romeo because?

she overheard him

In the play Romeo and Juliet why does Juliet agree with Romeo so quickly?

She agrees with him so quickly because she's obsessivly in love with him so she ignores all his flaws.

Unrequited love in Romeo and Juliet?

At the beginning of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is deeply in love with Rosaline however she doesn't love him back. This is Unrequited love in Romeo and Juliet

Who fell in love love with a young man called Romeo?

Juliet, within the play they were seen as "star crossed lovers." At the beginning of the play before Romeo and Juliet met it was believed that Romeo was in love with a girl named Rosaline. That quickly changed when Romeo spotted Juliet at his enemies, the Capulet's, party.

In Romeo and Juliet who does Romeo love?

Juliet, of course.

Which two characters are in love in Romeo and Juliet?

romeo and Juliet

In romeo and Juliet who was romeo in love with before Juliet?


How is the theme of love dealt with in Romeo and Juliet?

romeo and juliet

Forbidden love in romoeo and Juliet?

The only forbidden love in Romeo and Juliet is the only love in the play, the love between Romeo and Juliet.

Why Romeo and Juliet hide their love?

The families of Romeo and Juliet would not have approved of their love.

In Romeo and Juliet how does Romeos' love for roseiline differ to his love for Juliet?

romeo was infatuated with rosaline but is truly in love with Juliet

Who does romeo declare his love for in the second scene of romeo and Juliet?

Romeo declares his love for Juliet in the second scene.

Where do Romeo and Juliet fall in love?

Romeo falls in love with Juliet at the Capulet's party, which was at juliet's

Is Romeo and Juliet a love story?

Is the Pope Catholic? Romeo and Juliet is the quintessential love story.

Who else is in love in romeo and Juliet?

Apart from Romeo and Juliet, nobody.

Why did romeo and Juliet fall in love so quickley?

Romeo has found Juliet his new love instead of Rosaline Juliet likes Romeo more that Paris

Examples of forbidden love in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet, of course and Roseline and Romeo kind of

What does Hope have to do in Romeo and Juliet?

hope from Juliet, romeo and the friar that romeo and Juliet will live together in love for the rest of their lives.

When did Romeo fall in love with Juliet?

When Romeo first sees Juliet dancing at the party, he fell in love.

What does Romeo think love is?

Romeo sees Juliet and falls in "love" with her. The "love" her felt for her was only infatuation. The same is for Juliet.