Why does Justin Bieber wear a bandage?

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Well, when he was opening for Taylor Swift in London, he said there was a dip in the stage and he broke his foot so he wore a big cast for a couple weeks.
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What does Justin Bieber mostly wear?

his favroite color is blue but he wears a lot of purple and skinny jeans and likes to shop at the thrift store still

Does Justin Bieber wear glasses?

Yes, Justin Bieber does wear glasses. His eyes are good but he does have to wear glasses unless he has in contacts

What kind of shoe does Justin Bieber wear?

He wears Supra shoes, Converse, and Nike,and he also likes supra tkthe purple one so does jaden smith,jaden likes supra tk too Adam Wright Justin Bieber new music video yes ok help BJ

Does Justin Bieber wear makeup?

The only people who will really know this are the people in his entourage and Justin himself. Since he is a pop singer that performs onstage, and since he has probably done interviews, there is a strong likelihood that he has worn makeup at some point. It is extremely common in these situations for ( Full Answer )

What shoes does Justin Bieber wear?

Converse, or Supras. he wears different kinds of shoes, he loves shoes. he gives it to his friends or other people after he use it.. his generous ;)

Does Justin Bieber wear lipstick?

He wears a clear balm on his lips at concerts so they don't get dried out, because he's always licking them and touching his face. Makeup artists use Nivea for men lip balm on him to give the illusion of him having fuller, kissable lips because sex sells. Probably, in fact a lot of male actors wear ( Full Answer )

Does Justin Bieber wear underwear?

Justin Bieber has loads and loads of Calvins that come with his paycheck for modeling Calvin Klein's underwear line.

Does Justin Bieber wear supra?

Yes, he wears supras, seen on the red carpet in burgandy vaiders, also in his video for "baby" he has supra skytop 2s in navy and gold, and the supra tk society in purple, i have also seen a pic of him wearing skytops in the wildlife colorway

Why Justin Bieber wearing a cast?

Because his foot was broken. He fell down on stage at the Wembly, pretty much just walking onto the stage, and he tripped.

What sunglasses does Justin Bieber wear?

Justin Bieber wears alot of different cool sunglasses.....he has a purple pair that sais "J" on one eyepiece and "B" on the other so when you are looking at him you read "JB" for "JUSTIN BIEBER" those are my favorite......then he mostly wears black ones....

Does Justin Bieber wear Jordans?

-Justin Bieber's favorite brand of shoes is Supra. I've never seen him in Jordans, but that's not to say that he's never worn them.(:

What cologne does Justin Bieber wear?

Justin Bieber wears a lot of different cologne, but his favorite is Herrera for Men. His mom was interviewed about this and said the exact same thing. dolce and gabona and he also wears sexpanther

What pants does Justin Bieber wear?

I would guess that Justin Bieber wears any kind of pants, like you and me, he probably just is like "Oh I like those! I'm gonna try some on!" I am just guessing!

What deodorant does Justin Bieber wear?

He uses a very expensive, very fragrant, combination of Psilocybin, an extract diluted from infant seal livers, and placenta magnefique, derived from the virginal unic tribes of KnowKokc and Klitless, native to the southern plains of India. Also child's tears.

What kind of vans does Justin Bieber wear?

I don't know what Vans he wears on a regular basis, but tonight on "A Home for the Holidays" (CBS) he's wearing Vans CVO sneakers - specifically Vans ERA / #95 with white shoe laces, the vamps is a light grey and the sides are a dark grey / light black and the heel matches the vamp. The guy beside h ( Full Answer )

Why does Justin Bieber wear dogtags?

A fan mailed the dogtags to him. They were her fathers in the war he fought him and she wanted Justin to have them. He wears them to honor his fans.

What necklace does Justin Bieber wear?

he wears a dog-tag that a fan gave him. it was a dog tag that belonged to somone in the army and they passed away. he wears it alot

Why does Justin Bieber wear bras?

Justin Bieber does not wear bras; however I am not sure if this is a joking offensive question, or if you thought he did.

What color shoes does justin bieber wear?

Justin Bieber wears different color shoes everyday! If you have not noticed, he is rich. Do you think someone rich is going to have one pair of shoes??!??!?!

What do you wear to a Justin Bieber concert?

Unless you are going to meet Justin, then it doesn't really matter. But if you get to meet him, wear something cute (: like a skirt and a nice top. I did, and he told me how nice i looked. Remember that Justin hates Ugg boots, so if you wanna impress the Biebs, don't wear Uggs. Hahah

Does Justin bieber wear his pants low?

Yes, it's called sagging and is a very popular fashion trend among teen boys. He does it very well and not too too low. It is very comfortable and looks cool in my opinion and in many other teen boys' opinions as well.

How long time did Justin Bieber have bandage?

One of his idols is Michael Jackson, and he had band-aids on his fingers as well, so he started doing it. He's been doing that since he became famous, a year and a half ago

Does Justin bieber wear a masc?

no he doesn't. people might actually think he wears a mask, he doesn't. some even say, under the mask, he's really 51! But seriously, Justin beiber will never ever do that, especially when he would disappoint his fans, friends and family.

Does Justin Bieber wear a mask?

It's very unlikely that Justin Bieber wears a mask, so I believe it is safe to assume that the face you see is his real face. Only on Halloween. :)

Does Justin Bieber weare boxers?

Yes, in his book First Step 2 Forever he says about going to Wal-Mart and buying socks and boxers

Why does Justin bieber wear sunglasses?

Well...almost everyone in the world wears sunglasses BUT he probably wears them so he wont be spotted by paparazzi and he wears a hoodie also so he wont be spotted! All stars r annoyed by paparazzi.

What is the medal Justin Bieber wears?

he wears diff ones like a lot of times he wears one with a $ symbol on it some times its a cross idk he doesnt just wear one he wears many

What type of supras does Justin bieber wear?

He has been seen on the red carpet in burgandy vaiders, also in his video for "baby" he has supra skytop 2s in navy and gold, and the supra tk society in purple. Also the Red Carpet Supra's they are black with silk and a red bottom..

What jacket was Justin Bieber wearing in mistletoe?

justin bieber was wearing blue black and purple with a purple hat.... if you are talking about the black one he was wearing; it was an 'Armani Exchange Asymmetrical Faux Shearling Jacket'. although, i dont know what the purple coloured jacket he was also wearing was.

Does Justin Bieber wear tights?

Yes he does. It's starting to become a trend where men wear tights (meggins) Russel Brandt and Justin Bieber are a couple of them who do.

How does Justin Bieber wear his clothes?

Justin Bieber wears clothing the same way that anyone else does, although as a wealthy singer, he can afford lots of good quality clothing, which might be beyond the means of many other people.