Why does Leo appears in different areas of the sky throughout the year?


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the sun revolves around earth

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Leo is a constellation not a single star, but that doesn't really affect the answer. The reason is that the Earth orbits the Sun. The night sky varies mainly because the Sun appears in different areas of the sky during the year.

Because these areas receive plentiful sunshine and the rays of the sun are also direct in these areas, shining almost directly overhead throughout the year.

Because Earth moves, and it appears that the constellation moves. It just seems that we see it at a certain time of year.

In winter the sun is a lot further away than in summer so it appears smaller. It's easy!

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- # === === The earth experiences seasons throughout the year because........The earths tilt!!! thank you any more questions ask me at

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If you're in the northern hemisphere you can see it throughout the year - but at different times during the night.

areas near the equator generally have a tropical hot climate, and of course the poles are frozen year round. Asian areas close to the equator are relatively warm dry year round but with monsoon season.

The amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface varies greatly. It depends on changing atmospheric conditions and the changing position of the sun, both during the day and throughout the year.

Because of the revolution of Earth and the tilt of Earth's axis in the same direction throughout the year.

It depends on what year you are talking about. The borders were vastly different throughout the history of Israel.

In a way Hawaii does have different climates but it's temperature stays constant throughout the year because it's a tropical island.

Weather in areas of coastal plains is mild throughout the year. It is not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer.

Field capacity remains the same throughout the year because whether it rains more in some parts of the year, the area can still only hold a specific amount of water. This is why some areas a more prone to flooding in the months of high rainfall.

Floods usually bring water to areas that normally don't receive water throughout the year. Floods bring fertility to soil in the surrounding areas and also supply a source of water for irrigation.

It also orbits the sun and at a different velocity than the Earth.

It depends on the type of apple. Different types of apples are readily available throughout the year.

yes because the changed of the temperature is different .

In general the sun appears to rise from an easterly diection. Obviously because of the tilt of the Earth the exact direction appears slightly different everyday of the year and the location at which the person stands on the Earth. On two days of the year, the Equinoxes, the sun appears to rise in the East and set on the West for everybody.

A broad band along the equator is usually the hottest area of the earth throughout the year.

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The average monthly temperature varies greatly through out the world and throughout the different months of the year.

They are common nouns that are used to describe the different weather patterns throughout the year. They are called seasons.

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