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Why are your ears on your head?

To capture soundwaves enabling us to hear

Did soundwave die in transformers 3?

yes he got killed by bumblebee in Chicago he got his head shot off. also soundwave was about to kill bumblebee when brains and wheelie drop off debris the debris hit soundwave while soundwave was stuned bumblebee killed a decepticon then in slow motion bumblebee blow soundwaves head off.

How to kill a decepticon?

To kill a decepticon, you must deliver a massive thrust punch. As an without, if the decepticon survives a punch, try picking something up and toss it right at him or her. You can either use your cannons or other weapons to blast a decepticon away. Use your fists and knuckles to deliver an incredibly powerful punch to the decepticon, this will cause a lot of damage to the decepticon. If the he or she is still live, try to pick him or her up and toss him/her down to the ground square as you can. Just deliver flying bullets to the decepticon's eyes, that will blind their eyes and will also give you a much easier chance to break the decepticon's face. If the decepticon sees your attacks, he or she will block your attacks and will try to kill you. Spraying flying bullets to the decepticon's eyes will make the decepticon unable to see your attacks and will not block your attacks. After you've delivered some flying bullets to the decepticon's eyes, grab the decepticon's head using your left hand and raise your right hand up. Get your fists and knuckles ready. Slam your right hand to the decepticon's face extremely hard and fast with your fists and knuckles aiming at the decepticon's face .That will cause instant death to the decepticon. Remember that the decepticon leader, Megatron got his face broken by Optimus Prime. So see how did Optimus Prime break Megatron's face then you'll find out how to defeat a decepticon.

What is that symbol on Gaara?

The kanji symbol on his head is Love. He put it on his head to remember that he doesnt need love.

Why you cover your head?

Covering head is a symbol of respect...

What is the symbol for Ares in war?

Typically, his symbol is a boar's head.

Can you name six gods of Egypt?

God of Sun is Ra his symbol is the head of falcon and sun diskGod of Music is Hathor his symbol is horns of cow and sun diskGod of Destruction is Sekhmet his symbol is head of lion Sky Nut blue with golden starsGod of Earth is Geb his symbol is colour of plants and Nile mudGod of Dead is Osiris is hymbol is dressed in white with crook and flailGod of Desert is Seth his symbol is animal head with long curved snoutGod of Pharoah is Horus his symbol is head of hawk and crown of EgyptGod of Magic is Isis her symbol is throne on head or holding babyGod of Wisdom is Thoth his symbol is head of ibisGod of Embalming is Anubis his symbol is head of jackalGod of Justice Ma'at her symbol is feather in her hairGod of Creation is Amun his symbol is crowned with feathersGod of Cats is Bastet his symbol is head of cat

What is the Warriors WindClan symbol?

The Warriors WindClan symbol is a rugged cat head with a wind symbol on it.

Queen Elizabeth 1st Symbol?

head dress symbol of wealth

What color is starscream?

Well in the G1 series hes red, white, blue, has a black head and has orange on his chest. Also he has 2 purple decepticon logos on his wings.

What is the tallest building in downtown tranquility in transformer decepticon?

Head East until you see a skyscraper with a green tip. You can only jump an inch before hitting a wall

What is the symbol for jagermeister?

The symbol for Jagermeister is a deer's head with a cross between the antlers.

Where exactly in the head was Abraham Lincoln shot?

He was shot in the back of his head.

What is Prometheus's Greek Mythology symbol?

your head

What is the symbol at the head of a musical staff?


What Autobots will die in Transformers 3?

i know that mirage gets his head cut off but i know that iron hide is attacked by senential prime who is actaually a decepticon and iron hide is killed

What is a symbol for guilt?

Triangles are a symbol of guilt and regret from Silent Hill, personified by Pyramid Head.

What is the symbol on Dr Manhattans head?

It's the symbol of a hydrogen atom, with the nucleus and a single electron.

What bone in the head is a symbol of Halloween?

The skull is one symbol of Halloween but so is the entire skeleton.

What is greek god Ares symbol?

A boars head.

What is the symbol for Browning?

bucks head inside a circle

What was Medusa's symbol?

One of her symbols is the snakes on her head

Who created the lion head symbol?

Michael Lee

What symbol was related to Ares?

A hog's head and a spear

What is the symbol for the planet Haumea?

At man with a bird head