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Why does WikiAnswers have no answers for anything?


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That is not true. WikiAnswers has answers for a bunch of stuff. Maybe the stuff you searched no one has answered yet.


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Wiki answers is always unreliable.

so we can give you the answers for anything that you need

Wikianswers is a wiki, not a person and therefore cannot technically know anything. All answers provided are from people who use the site.

Technically, no. Answers is a questions and answers website. (Thus, the name: WikiAnswers.) All of its content is contributed by either users or guests of WikiAnswers.

Absolutely not ! WikiAnswers is a free-to-use website.

No, wikianswers is not inferior to yahoo answers.

WikiAnswers is owned by the Answers corporation.

WikiAnswers is a worldwide group of contributors--like you--who ask and answer questions. Millions of people have a lot to say, evidenced through the questions and answers here!

'Wiki' is a type of website where members can edit anything, and Answers is the website that bought and owns WikiAnswers, so by combining the word 'Wiki' with the owner website name 'Answers' (, it comes together as '', where members can edit anything freely under the name. People can get their answers just by typing their questions in the question box, edit questions, edit answers, recategorize questions, and much more! That is the freedom of a wiki.

because we are bored out of our heads and nothing eles to do

WikiAnswers falls under the brand. In other words, WikiAnswers is a division of is a place to get answers about anything. Answers are provided by a few different resources found within (licensed content from published resources such as Britannica)WikiAnswers (user-contributed Q&A platform)VideoAnswers (licensed database of how-to and explanatory videos)The distinction is that WikiAnswers is the platform where anyone can ask, answer or edit Q&A. It's based on the same kind of wiki technology that Wikipedia is based on, only the format is questions and answers. The Q&A created on WikiAnswers is an important part of making the best place for answers about anything!(See Related questions.)

Google Answers crashed and burned due to the lack of accurate answers and the fact that no one could edit the answers that were on Google Answers. WikiAnswers allows anybody to contribute, and doesn't simply search for answers - WikiAnswers MAKES answers. With the help of WikiAnswers' rival, Yahoo! Answers, both inadvertently teamed up and crushed Google Answers out of the answers competition.

Yes. For your information, the site that you are posting this question IS WikiAnswers. Sometimes, it is true that WikiAnswers' answers are not true. However, most of the answers are true. Sometimes, there are vandals who make turn true answers to false answers, but it is false to say that WikiAnswers is not true. To find out whether WikiAnswers' answers are true, sign up now to become a true WikiAnswers Contributor! Be true to yourself if you get addicted!

There is no way to guarantee that the answers on WikiAnswers are all 100% correct.

You can't answer answers on WikiAnswers, or anywhere for that matter, unless there is a question in the answer, where it would be classified as a question.

WikiAnswers is constantly being "modified" with new questions, answers, and changes to existing answers.

Not all people lie on WikiAnswers. But there might be some wrong answers.

WikiAnswers does not stand for anything; Wiki is the first part of the name (meaning the "Wiki Project") and Answers is the last part of the name (as we're part of the corporation)

You cannot advertise anything in questions, answers, discussion pages, or the Community Forum on WikiAnswers. Feel free to use your bio page to promote your business or website.

The people that are logged into Wikianswers, of course.

no... it only answers what people can and will answer

We don't answer or allow the answers to be posted for anything that promotes illegal or potential illegal activities here on Wikianswers.

Its not just one person who answers the question its everyone who wants to help in WikiAnswers if that answers your question?

Yes, there are some videos on Answers/Wikianswers, but it is mainly written answers at this stage.

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