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Why is WikiAnswers inferior to Yahoo answers?


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No, wikianswers is not inferior to Yahoo answers.


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yahoo answers is much bigger.

Yahoo! Answers is also a good site, other than WikiAnswers. But I recommend WikiAnswers over Yahoo! Answers. WikiAnswers is the best Q&A site and it has the best community. Yahoo! Answers isn't always correct, as well, and you cannot change the answers or spellings on there. On WikiAnswers, you can edit about everything to make the site better. Yahoo! Answers you can't, and it is a poor Q&A site.

As of 2009, no, Yahoo Answers still has more traffic. However, WikiAnswers has been steadily gaining.

I do not use Answerbag in addition to WikiAnswers. Answerbag is much like Yahoo! Answers, and has the same quality flaws as Yahoo! Answers. The answers are as-is, while WikiAnswers has an answer being worked on by hundreds of contributors until the answer is perfect.

WikiAnswers' popularity has risen over the past few years, and has surpassed Yahoo! Answers in the last quarter of 2009.

Yahoo! Answers was released to the public in December 2005. A site called FAQFarm was founded in 2002. This FAQFarm eventually evolved into WikiAnswers, so WikiAnswers is technically older than Yahoo! Answers.

Yes. I do. At least two of us do. I also use Answerbag. Answer Wikianswers is way better, I never use yahoo cuz u have to sign up for it. ---- Wiki Answers rules! Yahoo Answers sucks! I use yahoo answers more cos it's easier to navigate there. it is user friendlier.

You could try answerbag or yahoo answers if you don't like wikianswers.

Jody likes to imply in her answers on Wikianswers, that Yahoo Answers is much worse than WikiAnswers.

Not yet - Yahoo Answers is still bigger, but WikiAnswers is catching up.

You can ask a question here on WikiAnswers - we aren't Yahoo! Answers.

(Yahoo Answers displays more than one answer and the contributor of each answer.) WikiAnswers is NOT Yahoo Answers, they are two completely different sites with different aims and reliability. Yahoo Answers is mainly a community site to air varying input on a range of topics, not provide the direct and specific answer to a question. For opinion answers, there are many sites. For factual or experience-derived answers, there are comparatively few with the scope of WikiAnswers.

Quite simply, WikiAnswers does not want to follow Yahoo! Answers, or any other Q&A website.

You go on yahoo answers because wikianswers is rubbish

Take a look at Yahoo! Answers, by comparison, we are fantastic!

1. Wikianswers 2. Yahoo answers

WikiAnswers, Wikipedia, and Yahoo Answers are three good ones.

Yahoo is a web portal containing links to more topics, e-mail, web search, news, web pages, answers, etc.. WikiAnswers is only designed to handle answers, but is better designed, and less ad cluttered. It is subjective. WikiAnswers is probably better than Yahoo Answers; Yahoo as a whole is more useful.

WikiAnswers is better because you don't need an account to type in an answer

Jody made a comparison between WikiAnswers and Yahoo Answers and found that WikiAnswers was much better.

== == It all depends on where they like to get there answers from. Because every one has a different taste on what answer sites they like the best. ************************************************************************* Well I'll start off by saying that Yahoo Answers is not any better than WikiAnswers, but to answer your question, people use Yahoo Answers either because it is the only Q&A site that they ever heard of, or they prefer having multiple opinions and more serious answers. I think people choose WikiAnswers simply because it's easier to use and because they refuse to like anthing from yahoo. I personally dislike yahoo but like yahoo answers very much.

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