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WikiAnswers has so many members because Wikianswers is a great site to ask your questions and get them answered [by real people], or answer a question yourself. So, why not join the WikiAnswers Community today?

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โˆ™ 2011-06-07 15:01:40
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Q: Why does WikiAnswers have so many members?
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Why do so many members of WikiAnswers ask questions to get the answers for homework?

its easier,i do that sometimes

How old are WikiAnswers' members?

WikiAnswers' members are of all ages.

How many users exactly on WikiAnswers?

On the 16th March at 21.08pm UK time, there was 7,262,589 members on WikiAnswers.

Where do WikiAnswers members live?

WikiAnswers members come from all around the world.

Who likes wikianswers?

The 51,048,429 members who have given 26,490,832 answers (and many more questions) all like WikiAnswers.

Why are you not helping WikiAnswers?

The reason why because the members of Wikianswers have different opinions so that they might have the right answers or the wrong answers

How can so many people be answered if there's more questions than people on WikiAnswers?

Because people answer more than one question. However there are still many, many questions unanswered. It is an ongoing task that members of WikiAnswers enjoy doing.

How many people go on WikiAnswers?

There's over seven million of us! As of October 24, 2012 there are 7,987,507 members on WikiAnswers.

What is the age range of the members of WikiAnswers?

There are members of absolutely all ages on WikiAnswers; the minimum age is 13, though.

Approximately how many people have contributed to WikiAnswers?

There are over 2 million members of wikianswers. We haver nearly 4 million (and more) answers in the website.

How many members are in the WIT program on WikiAnswers?

There are an estimated 300 WIT members currently on WikiAnswers. Since the WIT Program began in 2008, there have been more than 1000 teens who have gone through the program.

Exactly how many people own a WikiAnswers account?

As of May 28Th, 2012 there are 7,477,091 members.

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